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Trailing Verbena

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Verbena bonariensis 'Buenos Aires'

The tall structure of Verbena ?Buenos Aires? makes a bold statement in any garden. With branching stems and clusters of tiny purple flowers, this is a great choice for late-summer colour, and it is attractive to bees and other insects too. Verbena gives good value as it…  More Info

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Verbena 'Peaches And Cream'

Buds open to reveal clusters of orange flowers that individually fade through apricot to creamy yellow. The flowers of Verbena Peaches and Cream are spread evenly across the trailing stems, making them ideal for filling gaps in hanging baskets, window boxes and containers. Or…  More Info

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Verbena Showboat Magenta & Mango Orange Mixed

Verbena Showboat Magenta & Mango Orange Mixed is a pretty and colourful choice for hanging baskets, and planters. It has clusters of small flowers on flowerheads, which fill the plant during the summer months. The flowers are magenta pink and'peach pink, which compliment each other…  More Info

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Verbena 'Union Jack' (Garden Ready)

Create a patriotic display that is fit for a King (or Queen) with the trailing stems of Verbena 'Union Jack'. Regal shades of red, white and blue flowers make a spectacular display. These fabulous trailing Verbena plants are perfect for filling your hanging…  More Info

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Verbena 'Voodoo Star Mixed'

The flowers of Verbena 'Voodoo Star Mixed' are a bit like a dwarf cross between a petunia and geranium plant. The colouring of the petals are reminiciscent of petunias, but they are in clusters, on flower stems, like geraniums. A lovely plant for patio containers, flower pouches and…  More Info

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Garden Ready Collection

…summer. We've included Verbena, Lobelia and Begonia for brightening up patio pots and baskets, while Cosmos make the perfect filler for those gaps in beds and borders.* Collection comprises:* Verbena 'Union Jack Mixed' (30 garden ready plants) - These fabulous   More Info

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Trixi® 'Riverside'

This remarkable combination is created by propagating three trailing annuals into 1 plug cell. The three varieties - deep blue lobelia, bright yellow bidens and crisp white verbena - are grown together and can then be used to form a stunning ball of colour. Three plugs will…  More Info

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