Trailing Million Bells

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Nurseryman's Choice Petunia Collection

…mixture petunias from the following varieties: Petunia Trailing Surfinia 'Blue', Petunia Trailing Surfinia 'Hot Pink', Petunia Trailing Surfinia 'Purple', Petunia Trailing Surfinia 'Red', Petunia Trailing  More Info

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Eton Mess

Introducing the easiest way to create a truly mixed basket! The remarkable combinations are created by propagating three trailing bedding plants into 1 plug cell. As these vigorous summer plants grow larger they will naturally mingle together to form a stunning ball of colour, ideal…  More Info

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Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Good-Night-Kiss'

Calibrachoa, also known as million bells, are smothered in small flowers which resemble miniature petunias. Their trailing habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets and containers where they will flower for weeks on end. They combine well with more upright bedding…  More Info

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Summer Collection

…fragrance and you have a real treat for the senses. Trails to: 35cm (14).* Pelargonium ?Decora Red? (9cm Pot) - Cascading Ivy-leaf geraniums are always popular for their gently trailing stems and vibrant colours which are perfect for trailing from baskets and…  More Info

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