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Senecio 'String of Pearls' (House Plant)

…fascinating, and makes a superb choice for an indoor hanging basket or a high shelf where it can freely spill from its pot. This drought tolerant house plant loves a bright, warm location in a prominent position where it can be truly admired. Trails to: 50cm (20).…  More Info

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Tradescantia Purple Passion

Tradescantia is one of the few trailing plants with purple foliage and this one excels, with deeper purple foliage than other varieties, each leaf painted with a muted silvery green stripe. Like other tradescantias, ‘Purple Passion’ has a magical sparkle to its leaves…  More Info

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String of Hearts (House Plant)

…summer, although they are not particularly showy. With a naturally cascading habit, it makes a pretty display for an indoor hanging basket, or spilling from high shelves. Trails to: 100cm (39). Spread: 10cm (4). Please note: Some houseplants are toxic or harmful to…  More Info

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Senecio peregrinus 'String Of Dolphins' hanging pot

This trailing succulent looks perfect cascading from a hanging pot in front of a bright window. Pair it with the rounded leaves of Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts) for an effective foliage contrast. The long stems of Senecio peregrinus are covered in fleshy leaves which resemble…  More Info

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Saintpaulia 'The Madam'

A lovely trailing variety, Saintpaulia ‘The Madam’ produces a cascade of shell-pink blooms with delicate rose edges. African violets are the perfect flowering houseplants, blooming non-stop for many months in a wide range of jewel-like colours. Height and spread: 15-30cm…  More Info

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Airplant (Tillandsia) in Sea Urchin

…Tillandsia are unusual epiphytic plants. In their wild habitat they grow off the branches and trunks of host plants rather than in the ground. Their trailing foliage resembles octopus tentacles and as they have no need for soil they can be attached to shells or rocks for an…  More Info

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House Plants Hanging Mixed

trailing form brings a sense of serenity and calm. This pre-planted hanging basket contains a lucky dip mixture of our best stock which will alter according to season and availability. Listed below are some of the plants which could be included: Aeschynanthus marmoratus …  More Info

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Dischidia pectenoides Snaily 11cm Glass Pot

This extraordinary tropical trailing plant is a real botanical curiosity which is sure to raise eyebrows – especially as it comes in its own snail-shell home! Dischidia pectenoides is an unusual epiphytic climber from South East Asia which has earned a host of peculiar…  More Info

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Tradescantia zebrina (House Plant)

Tradescantia zebrina is a particularly eye-catching house plant. The trailing stems are covered with extraordinary silver-striped leaves, each with a shocking-pink underside. This cheery little plant will happily spill over the sides of its pot to create a cascade of colour. If that…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…continue well into autumn and get stronger and larger each year. Undemanding and easy to grow, they're perfect for cutting and bringing indoors for a floral display for years to come. This superb collection is the easy route to a stunning cottage garden scheme. Plant…  More Info

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