Trailing Basket Plants

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Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa'

…green background. They make fantastic, dramatic container and basket plants or simply use them for effective ground cover. They also look good trailing and climbing over conifers, hedges and short walls. Please Note: Occasionally some plants produce pure…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Flying Scotsman'

…containers. Trailing up to 30cm (12), these amazing fuchsias will drench your pots in a sea of exquisite marbled colour all summer long. And, with unrivalled durability and weather resistance, these half-hardy giants will look stunning in your hanging baskets too!…  More Info

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Petunia 'Peach Sundae'

…again! Petunia 'Peach Sundae' has a vigorous trailing habit which makes it idea for hanging baskets, windowboxes and patio pots. You can expect this colourful display to run from June to September. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Supplied as plug plants. Culinary…  More Info

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Begonia 'Fragrant Falls' Duo

…boasts its own distinctive scent, and showy, fully double blooms. These superb, trailing begonias have amazing staying power, flowering through the summer and well into the autumn. Plant them in hanging baskets, flower pouches and window boxes where you can…  More Info

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Petunia 'Sweetunia Trio'

…hanging baskets and garden borders. They all produce hundreds of flowers throughout the summer and early autumn, and do not require deadheading, making them a low maintenance option, particularly well suited to high access hanging baskets and window boxes. All have a…  More Info

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Nasturtium majus 'Cream Troika'

trailing nasturtium in your containers and baskets this season. It's easy to grow and will produce masses of beautiful cream flowers, delicately highlighted with spotted centres. The marbled foliage of Nasturtium 'Cream Troika' will also add further interest as it…  More Info

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Petunia 'Frills & Spills? Mixed'

…rattan baskets. Our pre-planted Garden Ready baskets bring plants and their flowers up to eye level for enjoyment and easy upkeep. Each jumbo plug plant contains 3 plants which grow together to create a fantastic mixed display in your hanging   More Info

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Cherry Tomato Duo Collection

…Duo Collection Kit contains: 3 Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' Postiplug plants, 3 Tomato 'Bitesize' Postiplug plants, 100g tomato fertiliser , 3 tomato watering collars, growing bag and a hanging basket & liner. -- Companion planting: Try growing tomatoes…  More Info

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Begonia Collection

…?Cascade? - The pendulous stems of these spectacular trailing begonias are smothered by enormous double flowers all summer long. Begonia fimbriata - Vibrant blooms with crimped edges that resemble large carnations are produced on sturdy plants throughout summer. These…  More Info

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Begonia 'Apricot Shades'

…masses of frilly apricot, yellow and orange flowers which cascade gently on trailing stems from June to October. With superb weather resistance, Begonia 'Apricot Shades' makes an excellent addition to hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes, where it will…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Baby Deep Rose'

…with their stunning spreading and trailing stems and neat round leaves, whether combined in an eye-popping display with others in their more traditonal colours, or as part of a pink-themed planting scheme. Easy to grow, ideal for filling pots, hanging baskets,  More Info

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Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade'

…hanging baskets, window boxes and pouches' where it creates a froth of colour which lasts all summer long. Versatile and easy to grow this pretty plant looks great mixed in with other summer annuals. Trails to: 45cm (18). Garden Ready Plants - If you?ve…  More Info

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Begonia 'Cascading Fireball'

…are extinguished by the first frosts. Fantastic for window boxes, baskets and patio containers. Trails to: 45cm (18). All bulbs, corms and tubers guaranteed to flower in the first year from planting. Useful links: How to plant bulbs, corms and tubers…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Fuchsias

…your patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes this summer. Your plants will be selected from a range of trailing, upright and hardy fuchsias in a range of pretty colours. Whatever you receive we are sure you will not be disappointed! Supplied as plug …  More Info

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Petunia 'Surfinia Blue'

…'Surfinia Blue' unbeatable for sheer flower power. Support its vigorous stems on a frame or let them tumble down in a cascade of colour. Trails to: 120cm (47). Supplied as plug plants. Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers are edible. Click here for more…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Pansy Coolwave Collection

…are at their best during the coldest months when few other plants dare to bloom, but will keep going right through to the following summer. Perfect for filling hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes with long-lasting colour. Trails to: 60cm (24…  More Info

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Geranium 'Pink Sybil'

…a summer plant, that you will want to include in your floral displays. It has lovely soft pink flowers, with'full rounded buds, that resemble tiny roses, when they are opening. This Pelargonium has good drought tolerance, and regular deadheading will encourage new flowers to…  More Info

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Bumper Garden Collection

All the bedding plants you will need in one fabulous collection! Our generous Bumper Garden Collection is perfect for planting up annual beds and borders with a frenzy of colour. There will be plenty to spare for filling your patio pots, hanging baskets and window…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'St Clements'

…citrus coloured blend of fragrant semi-double blooms, that sit well above the deep green foliage on semi-trailing plants. Adds a mouth-watering citrus cocktail to borders, baskets or containers, flowering all summer. Culinary note: The peppery flavour of the leaves…  More Info

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Antirrhinum pendula multiflora 'Chinese Lanterns' F1 Hybrid

Trailing. A breeding triumph: cascading Antirrhinums! In a mixture of seven colours, including pure colours and bicolours, the Snapdragon flowers are borne on self branching, vigorous plants. Ideally made for hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. Culinary note:…  More Info

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