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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…grow in many different types of soil. * Echinacea Purpurea - These robust perennials bloom over a long period, attracting bees and butterflies to their daisy-like flower heads. Echinacea purpurea is tough and reliable, coping well on most soils and happily tolerating…  More Info

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Lychnis coronaria 'Dancing Ladies'

…silver-white stems topped with white, pink and rose-red flowers. Individual plants are relatively short-lived, but they will quickly form longer-lasting, spreading colonies if allowed to seed from year to year. This trouble free perennial is easy to grow on almost any well…  More Info

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Canna Tropicanna

…rise above the leaves, topped with showy orange blooms. Canna ?Tropicana? is a half-hardy perennial that makes a superb addition to borders and patio pots. Perfect for bringing height and colour to tropical planting schemes. Grow it in damp, sunny borders or in the moist   More Info

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Eryngium 'Magical Blue Globe'

A charming hardy perennial that thrives on gritty, well-drained soil ? perfect for those challenging coastal locations! Eryngium 'Magical Blue Globe' sends up silver-green stems topped with masses of small blue globes and surrounded by a spidery collar of green bracts. With a…  More Info

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Garden Grow Self Watering 4 Tier Tomato Tower

…fill the planter with 9 litres of soil. Once your plants have started to grow you can raise the supports on the tower to accommodate your plants up to 1.5 metres. The ingenious base allows your plants to have constant access to water as they need it, and you can top  More Info

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Bulb Baskets

Plant and lift your bulbs with ease with our handy bulb basket. Place a layer of soil in the bottom of your basket and space your bulbs at the recommended distance apart. Then dig out a planting hole at the right depth in your garden and bury the basket complete with the bulbs.…  More Info

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Iberis sempervirens

…turning feature of'this RHS AGM Candytuft variety, Iberis Sempervirens. It's an evergreen'hardy perennial that will feel at home in poor soils in rockeries, on the tops of walls or the front of borders and is a reliable ground cover plant. Candytuft is attractive to…  More Info

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Scandi Houseplant Collection

…wait for the top inch of the soil to dry out before watering again. For best performance position in light shade or gentle filtered sunlight. Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree) Quite slow growing, the green leaves have a narrow red purple edge. Light shade is…  More Info

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Grow Media Clay Pebbles

…Pebbles can be used for soil free growing. They can promote healthy root growth as they absorb and store water and those important nutrients. The clay pebbles can be used as 1 part pebbles and 9 parts compost to aerate creating valuable air pockets. They can be used as a   More Info

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Hand Bulb Planter

…this autumn. Simply plunge the tool into the soil to remove the earth, leaving a hole that is just the right size for your bulbs. Drop the soil back into the hole to cover the bulb - it really is that simple! This sturdy tool is of quality construction and topped<…  More Info

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Garden Grow Wooden Two-Tier Potting Bench

…prevent the build-up of any water. The top shelf has three sides so is great for hanging tools from and preventing your soil spilling onto the floor. Specifications Dimensions: L80 x W40 x H84.5cm Weight: 5.23kg Assembly required Maximum load weight: 20kg top  More Info

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Asclepias tuberosa

…fiery orange flowers top the upright stems of this vibrant hardy perennial. The flowers persist throughout summer, followed by intriguing, spiny seedpods in autumn which split open to reveal silky threads. Commonly known as Swamp milkweed, it is at its best in damp soils,…  More Info

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Carrot 'Eskimo' F1 Hybrid

…varieties available, coping with winter weather down to -10C when grown on lighter soils. The rich orange, cylindrical roots can be lifted late in the season or even over wintered in free draining conditions. This top quality, RHS AGM variety resists splitting and…  More Info

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Lysimachia punctata

…hardy perennial forms clumps of tall slender stems, topped with sunny yellow flower spikes from mid-summer onwards. Golden Lysimachia is ideal for growing in moist perennial borders, bog gardens or pond margins and will thrive in difficult clay soils. Naturalising…  More Info

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Perennial Saver Collection

…to a stunning cottage garden scheme. Plant these fabulous perennials in sunny borders for a colourful display that will last all summer long. These top quality plants will establish quickly, increasing in size and performance year after year. Your collection will include the…  More Info

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IncrediFeed Multipurpose Drip Feeder

…the right amount of plant feed into the compost to provide the perfect balance of nutrients for up to 30 days. Simply snip off the end and press the tip into the soil. Drip Feeders are suitable for use with pots up to 20cm diameter. For larger specimens, use an extra dripper…  More Info

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