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Tomato Growing Bag

This durable pre-cut growing bag can be used year after year, outside or in the greenhouse. Add the compost of your choice and plant up your tomato plants - as simple as that! At the end of the season just wash and fold away for winter storage. Ideal with our Tomato Auto…  More Info

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Garden Grow Self Watering 4 Tier Tomato Tower

Grow tomatoes with ease thanks to this innovative four-tier self-watering tomato tower from Garden Grow. Featuring a planter, water well and four levels, this tower creates a great environment for growing tomatoes, peppers, runner beans, peas and blackberries.…  More Info

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Garden Grow Self Watering Jumbo Tower Planter

…a planter, water well and four levels, this jumbo tower is a great environment for growing tomatoes, peppers, runner beans, peas, eggplants, blackberries and other climbing vegetables. Simply construct the tower using the handy instructions included, fill the base…  More Info

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Hanging Basket Mix Pre-planted

…order our pre-planted baskets of your favourite varieties and position them where you'll most enjoy their summer colour. Then all you need to do is water them and wait! Our Mixed Bedding Seed Raised Basket is a colourful combination of popular varieties, all raised from seed…  More Info

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Tomato Watering Collars

Watering tomato plants in growbags can prove tricky, with water spilling over the edges instead of reaching the roots where it is needed. Now you can water easily with these handy growbag watering collars. Simply place the collars around the young   More Info

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Tomato 'Gigantomo'® F1 Hybrid (Seeds)

…one tomato! The meaty, flavourful flesh makes this a must have variety for all Tomato enthusiasts; it is one of the largest new varieties available. The disease resistant plants are strong, productive and extremely easy to grow in a grow bag , especially when used…  More Info

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Cherry Tomato Duo Collection

…contains: 3 Tomato 'Bitesize' Postiplug plants, 100g tomato fertiliser, 3 tomato watering collars & a growing bag. The Cherry Tomato Duo Collection Kit contains: 3 Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' Postiplug plants, 3 Tomato 'Bitesize'…  More Info

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