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Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif'

…delicious tomatoes have a high sugar content with just enough acidity to create the perfect tomato flavour. Grow Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' in a greenhouse for the biggest crops, or alternatively a sunny location outdoors. Height: 2m (6.5'). Spread: 50cm (20).…  More Info

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Summer Bumper Pack

…Hydrangea macrophylla GLAM ROCK 'Horwack' - 1 x 9cm potted plant* Buddleja 'Buzz' Indigo' - 1 jumbo plug plant* Buddleja 'Buzz' Velvet' - 1 jumbo plug plant* Buddleja 'Buzz' White' - 1 jumbo plug plant* Tomato 'Sweet Aperitif' - 3 Postiplug plants*…  More Info

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Edible Flowers Mix

…them immediately or place them straight into the fridge. * Edible Flowers Mix comprises:* Viola 'Edible Sorbet XP Spring Select Mix' (1 x plug plant)* Dianthus 'Corona Strawberry Magic Mix' '(1 x plug plant)* Calendula 'Lemon Twist' (1 x plug plant)* Nasturtum …  More Info

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