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Chempak High Potash Feed - Formula 4

Use this high potash feed to keep your summer bedding, tomatoes and vegetables well fed all season. The high potassium content and seven essential trace elements ensure better flowers and bigger crops. This fully soluble formula will start to work instantly. (N:P:K - 15-15-30…  More Info

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Tomato 'Gigantomo'® F1 Hybrid

…with the inbuilt vigour and disease-resistance of modern cultivars, making it the must-have tomato of 2016. Plants are disease resistant, strong and productive. With fruits weighing upwards of 3lbs each, just one of these tasty tomatoes will feed a whole family…  More Info

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Self Watering Grow Pot Tower

…as and when they need it. This helps to prevent under- and over-watering and maximises efficacy of liquid feed, as it is taken up at a rate that the plant can absorb it. Water and liquid feed are poured into a funnel connected to the reservoir, with a unique float…  More Info

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