Tomato 'roma'

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Tomato 'Nagina' F1

Cordon. At last, a ‘Roma’ style plum tomato that’s blight resistant and can be grown outside in the UK! Tomato ‘Nangina’ boasts solid, meaty flesh with few seeds and a rich, deep flavour that you’ll love whether you’re eating…  More Info

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Tomato Crimson Collection (Grafted)

…Spread: 50cm (20). Tomato Crimson Collection comprises: * Tomato 'Crimson Plum' - Good crops of ?Roma? style plum tomatoes throughout the summer.* Tomato 'Crimson Cherry' - The small cherry fruits have glossy, red skins and a sweet, juicy flesh…  More Info

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Tomato 'Crimson Plum' (Grafted)

Cordon There?s no need for blight to threaten your crops, with Tomato 'Crimson Plum'. This is the first blight resistant variety developed specifically for outdoor cropping. Tomato 'Crimson Plum' produces good crops of ?Roma? style fruits throughout the summer. The red…  More Info

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Tomato 'Roma VF'

Semi-Bush A specially bred plum tomato that is ideal for preserving and making ketchup, tomato juice and soups. Tomato 'Roma VF' produces fleshy, juicy, almost seedless fruits with a deliciously different flavour which makes it an excellent variety for eating…  More Info

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Tomato 'Roma Nano' - Vita Sementi® Italian Seeds

Semi-Bush Tomato 'Roma Nano' is a traditional plum tomato producing juicy, fleshy fruits with very few seeds, making them ideal for pastes, soups, sauces and sun drying. This semi-bush variety can be grown in the greenhouse but will have a richer, fuller flavour if…  More Info

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