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Garden Gear 1050W Electric Tiller

…this powerful 1050W electric tiller and cultivator by Garden Gear. Great for digging holes, levelling ground, clearing weeds, working in fertiliser and preparing furrows for sowing. Innovatively designed with the user in mind, this multifunctional cultivator and tiller  More Info

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Garden Gear 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Tiller

…passes you make, the finer and lighter the soil granules become. This cordless tiller comes with the battery and charger. Also available to purchase is a spare blade for your tiller. Specification Dimensions: Tiller: L94.5-124 x W20 x H34cm Weight: 2.16kg Blade…  More Info

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Sweetcorn 'Conquerer' F1 Hybrid (Supersweet)

Later maturing, Sweetcorn Conquerer is well adapted to our indifferent summer weather. Strong growing plants 210cm (7ft) tall, with very few tillers (sideshoots), averaging three, 20cm (8in) long cobs per plant, each with 14-18 rows of kernels full to the tip. Sweetcorn Conquerer…  More Info

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Garden Gear 1400W Electric Tiller

This powerful 1400W electric tiller and cultivator from Garden Gear is just what you need to prepare the soil ready for planting. It is perfectly designed to dig holes, level ground, clear weeds, work in fertiliser and prepare furrows for sowing. This multifunctional tool boasts an…  More Info

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