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Thyme 'Archer's Gold'

This mat-forming thyme has bright, golden leaves which are delightfully lemon scented. Drought tolerant, it will thrive in dry, well-drained, sunny spots and looks wonderful creeping over containers, walls and rockeries. In summer, Thyme ‘Archers Gold’ produces small spikes of…  More Info

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Thyme 'Silver Posie'

Thyme ‘Silver Posie’ is a lovely ornamental form of this versatile culinary herb. The tiny, aromatic, grey-green leaves have white margins and form creeping mats of foliage which provide excellent ground cover for rockeries, walls and border edges. In late spring to early…  More Info

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Thyme 'Old English'

One of the most useful kitchen herbs for stews, stuffings and bouquet garni. This aromatic, evergreen thyme will grow almost anywhere in containers, rock gardens, borders, and even cracks in paving. Ideal for creating low, matt forming groundcover that will attract bees to the tiny, pink…  More Info

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Herb 'Summer BBQ'

Flavour barbecue meats, fish and veg with this perfect trio of ‘Summer BBQ’ herbs. Or add them to pasta sauces and pizza toppings for that authentic Mediterranean flavour. Selected for their ornamental value, as well as their culinary versatility, they look great in patio…  More Info

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Common Thyme

A useful culinary herb that can be used in a multitude of dishes, including stews and stuffings. Common Thyme is a tough and resilient hardy perennial which needs very little maintenance and copes admirably in almost any conditions, even tricky coastal gardens. The aromatic foliage can be…  More Info

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Thyme 'Old English' (Seeds)

…Thyme 'Old English' is popular in the garden, too, for the hardy perennial offers low, evergreen groundcover, even in dry and windy coastal areas. Thymus vulgaris also features on the RHS 'Perfect for Pollinators' list, for its small, pink flowers will attract bees and…  More Info

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Thyme 'Lemon'

Add long-lasting fragrance to your garden with Lemon Thyme - its potent lemon scent travels through the air when the plant is lightly brushed. Unlike more savoury thymes, Lemon Thyme's unique flavour allows it to be used in desserts! An attractive addition to the herb garden, Lemon Thyme…  More Info

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Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is perfect for producing a low carpet of ground cover that attracts bees to its miniature pink blooms. Especially practical in coastal areas, this fragrant evergreen will cope splendidly with wind and dry conditions. Renowned for being one of the most useful kitchen herbs,…  More Info

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Blues Colour Collection

…may be produced in summer. RHS AGM. Thrives in full sun and a free-draining soil, showing good drought resistance. Height and spread: 70cm (28).* Thymus ?Silver Posie? ? a very attractive variegated thyme that excels as an ornamental as well as an edible. Each leaf is…  More Info

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Golden Yellow Tones Colour Collection

…are held on upright stems in summer. Thrives in poor or medium soils in full sun with good drainage. Height: 15cm (6in). Spread: 60cm (24in).* Thymus ‘Golden Queen’ – a very pretty and vigorous variegated lemon thyme that excels as an ornamental as well as…  More Info

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