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Geum 'Totally Tangerine'

For a splash of tangerine warmth at the front of the border, try the bright and lively little Geum ?Totally Tangerine?. Its flowers are borne on tall stems above neat clumps of finely serrated leaves and bloom non-stop from early summer right through to early autumn. If you…  More Info

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Marigold 'Durango Tangerine' F1 Hybrid

A luxuriant variety with intense, rich, orange anemone-like flower heads, borne on branching, uniform plants. Exceptionally early flowering with outstanding garden performance. Height: 20-25cm (8-10in). Culinary note: The citrus tasting flowers have many uses, try them in salads,…  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Mixed'

…semi-double flowers are carried well above the foliage and face upwards so all are visible. Mixture of cherry, rose, gold, mahogany, orange, scarlet, tangerine and cream. Ideal for bedding, borders, tubs, containers etc. Flowers can be cut for unusual floral decorations.…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Geisha Orange' (Azalea Group)

Rhododendron 'Geisha Orange' is a beautiful dwarf Azalea, with vibrant, tangerine orange blooms. It is ideal for the borders of small gardens, and is also a great addition to an alpine garden rockery. It flowers in May and sometimes in June, helping to provide colour in between…  More Info

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Yuzu Citrus Plant

Increasingly popular with chefs for both savoury and sweet dishes, Yuzu juice adds a distinctive tartness to sauces, cocktails, salad dressings and desserts. The fresh fruit is almost impossible to find in the UK, so why not try to grow your own! Yuzu is an upright, thorny tree bearing…  More Info

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Calamondin Orange - Citrus (House Plant)

…compact plant are known as ‘agri-dulce’ (Sweet and Sour). The small acidic oranges (about 2.5cm diameter) are seedless and resemble a tangerine, with a bitter flesh but sweet peel. These sour fruits are excellent for preserves, marinades, and baking. The…  More Info

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