Tall House Plant

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Sempervivum 'Mixed'

…low maintenance, Sempervivum 'Mixed' are great for wedging into wall crevices, alpine troughs, gravel gardens or patio containers for an unusual and attractive garden feature. These neat little succulents also make a great house plant for a windowsill indoors. Height:…  More Info

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Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina Kinky)

house plant will always make an attractive addition to the corner of any brightly lit room. The variegated foliage has a glossy sheen to it and with a gently weeping habit too, giving the plant a naturally pleasant, eye-pleasing shape. Over time, this slow…  More Info

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Sunflower 'Russian Giant'

…Give them plenty of room and you will be rewarded with plants up to 3m (10ft) tall with huge yellow flowers often 30cm(12in) in diameter. Useful to grow against an unsightly shed or fence. Birds love the seeds so grow a few plants close to the house and…  More Info

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