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Tall Alstromeria

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Alstroemeria 'Tree Everest Autumn Mix'

Create a tall column of exotic-coloured blooms with Alstroemeria 'Tree Everest Mix'. These garden beauties are ideal for borders or patio pots. This exotic-looking blend of Peruvian Lilies have been carefully selected for their height and stature! This mix contains 'Nirvana' , 'Allure' & 'Energy'.…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Summer Pepper'

…you can find, Alstroemerias produce an inexhaustible display of flowers from June until the first frosts of October. This versatile plant is tall enough to jostle alongside other mid-border perennials or plant it into a patio container and provide a little support. The long stems of tropical…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Summer Lovely'

…for exotic and contemporary style gardens. Alstroemeria 'Summer Lovely' has'large, scarlet red flowers, and dense, lush green foliage.'Pulling the tall stems, rather than cutting them, will encourage even more blooms to grow. It flowers continuously throughout the summer months. It looks superb in…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Little Miss Zoe'

…big impact on the patio! The scarlet red blooms are accompanied by variegated leaves of pale gold, with dark green margins. Reaching only 30cm (12) tall, this hardworking little perennial will flower for months on end, filling borders and containers with a boisterous display of colour. Spare a few…  More Info

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