Syringa Vulgaris

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Lilac 'Katherine Havemeyer' (Large Plant)

Syringa 'Katherine Havemeyer', a beautiful deciduous lilac shrub, is the perfect, trouble-free addition to any garden. Its lavender-blue flowers are produced on a background of heart-shaped foliage and the plant requires minimal maintenance, making the spreading shrub a firm…  More Info

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Syringa 'Michael Buckner'

…Conical flower heads are densely packed with rose pink buds that open to reveal star-shaped, lilac blooms with pretty white centres. This charming Syringa has an upright habit which forms a large shrub or small, multi-branched tree. The attractive heart shaped foliage makes…  More Info

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Lilac 'President Grevy'

Violet buds open to reveal particularly large, double lilac-blue panicles of flowers, up to 25cm (10) long. Syringa ?President Grevy? is a consistently reliable, trouble-free variety with nectar rich, fragrant flowers that are loved by butterflies. A well loved specimen shrub for…  More Info

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Shrubs are important for giving shape and structure to your garden, and this Syringa vulgaris is a deciduous shrub with panicles of the well known Lilac flowers is one of the most popular. Very easy to grow and needing virtually no maintenance at all, it is a must have staple…  More Info

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Lilac 'Madame Florent Stepman'

Unlike some Syringa varieties, Lilac 'Madame Florent Stepman' is relatively compact, remaining a manageable size for the average UK garden over many years. In late spring, cones of snow-white blooms are borne above the heart-shaped foliage, filling the air with a sweet and evocative…  More Info

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Syringa 'Princess Sturdza'

Syringa 'Princess Sturdza' bears large panicles of single, pink flowers in abundance during May and June. Like other Lilacs, Syringa ?Princess Sturdza? is intensely fragrant and makes a wonderful cut flower which will perfume the whole house. These fragrant blooms are also a…  More Info

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Lilac 'Gloire de la Rochelle'

A froth of lilac-pink flowers burst into bloom from May to June, enticing bees and butterflies to their rich nectar. The sweetly perfumed blooms are an early summer treat, filling the garden with fragrance and making a fabulous cut flower for a vase indoors. The mid-green, heart-shaped…  More Info

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Lilac 'President Lincoln'

Lilac 'President Lincoln' is simple and elegant, with pale purple blooms and a deliciously sweet fragrance. This well branched, deciduous shrub is relatively compact compared to some of its sprawling cousins, and makes a fine choice for the back of a sunny border. The nectar-rich blooms…  More Info

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