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Sweetcorn 'Moonshine'

Just one taste of Sweetcorn 'Moonshine' will tell you why this variety comes top of the taste tests! Each long cob boasts neat rows of sweet and juicy kernels that will make your mouth water. Producing 3-5 cobs per plant, this variety is reliable and productive. Height: 200cm…  More Info

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Sweetcorn 'Ovation' F1 Hybrid (Supersweet)

A mid-season supersweet type, Sweetcorn Ovation F1 produces large cobs of 20-23cm (8-9in) long, filled to the tip with 12-14 rows of delicious kernels with a delicious sugar-sweet flavour. Sweetcorn Ovation seeds in the RHS Vegetable Collection are vigorous plants  More Info

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Sweetcorn 'Conquerer' F1 Hybrid (Supersweet)

Later maturing, Sweetcorn Conquerer is well adapted to our indifferent summer weather. Strong growing plants 210cm (7ft) tall, with very few tillers (sideshoots), averaging three, 20cm (8in) long cobs per plant, each with 14-18 rows of kernels full to the tip.   More Info

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Sweetcorn 'Swift' F1 Hybrid

…in both taste and texture, Sweetcorn Swift F1 is quicker to germinate and has better vigour than other varieties. Produces 2-3, 18cm (7½in) cobs per plant, each with 16-18 rows of bright yellow tender sweet kernels. Flavour guide: rich and sugar-sweet.   More Info

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