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Sweet Rocket

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Hesperis matronalis - Seeds

Charming, large spikes of single, lilac and purple flowers are produced in the spring filling the air with their sweet and spicy evening fragrance. Sweet Rocket will also attract butterflies and other beneficial insects to your garden. Hardy Biennial - can be perennial in some soils. Culinary note:…  More Info

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Hesperis matronalis

Sweet Rocket bears aromatic clumps of soft lilac to purple flowers from May to July, producing a stunning display when grown in large drifts. Despite Hesperis matronalis being a biennial or relatively short-lived perennial, it will easily seed about to form masses of blooms that will scent the air…  More Info

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Candytuft 'Hyacinth Flowered' - Seeds

…or cutting and producing a profusion of sweetly scented hyacinth shaped blooms throughout the summer. Flowers summer. Height 30-38cm (12-15in). Culinary note: Both the leaves and flowers of candytuft can be eaten raw and have a taste similar to that of a sweet broccoli. For more details about edible…  More Info

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Rocket 'Sweet Oakleaf' - Kew Collection Seeds

…popular subject, to ensure good performance in a cooler climate. Attractive oak leaved with a flavour combining sweetness with a pungent Wild Rocket kick. 'Culinary note: Rocket flowers are edible. Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more details about edible flowers…  More Info

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