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Sweet Potato

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Sweet Potato Mixed Collection Organic

Enjoy your own homegrown sweet potatoes with our organic Sweet Potato Mixed Collection. These three varieties selected for their range of colours, flavours and maturing times will help you make the most of your sweet potato crop. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and iron and are delicious…  More Info

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Yacon 'Inka Red' (Gourmet Roots)

sweet pear-like flavour. Similar in appearance to a sweet potato but with the texture of water chestnuts, yacon makes a fabulous addition to stir fries and salads or try tossing it in olive oil and roasting with other root vegetables. The juice from yacon tubers can also be simmered to make a sweet  More Info

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Sweet Potato 'Beauregard'

Sweet Potato 'Beauregard' has salmon-orange flesh with a sweet flavour. With a creamy texture and a sweet-spicy flavour, they're ideal for many savoury dishes. Try them baked, roasted or mashed, or add them to risotto, pasta or curry. Spread: up to 3m (9').  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Vegetable Collection

…'Giggles'* Cucumber 'Ayda'* Sweet 'Potato Murasaki 29'* Cucumber Grafted Socrates * Yacon Inka 'Red Gourmet Roots'* Cucumber 'Merlin* Celeriac 'Brilliant'* Courgette (Patio) 'Sure Thing'* Strawberry 'Frisan'* Artichoke 'Purple Globe'* Botanical Infusions 'Aztec Sweet Herb Colada'* Aubergine Grafted…  More Info

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Potato Elfe 1kg

Potato ?Elfe? is a second early variety producing cream-skinned potatoes with bright golden flesh. The oval tubers have a smooth texture and sweet, buttery taste. This versatile variety is particularly useful in the kitchen ? bake, boil or mash it for a wide range of dishes. Height and spread: 60cm…  More Info

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