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Sweet Pea 'Route 66'

…kicks with 'Route 66'! This stunning sweet pea has all you'd expect from the nation's favourite annual climbing plant - perfect perfume and masses of flowers. Keep cutting the blooms for fresh vase displays and more just keep on coming. This vigorous sweet   More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Heirloom Bicolour Mixed'

An impressive mixture of small-flowered, heirloom (Grandiflora type) sweet peas offering the widest range of beautifully scented bicolours. These old fashioned annual Sweet Peas are superb for cutting and the more blooms you cut, the more the plants will…  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Purple Pimpernel'

* Perfect purple shadesA stunning new colour combination in sweet peas! Sweet Pea 'Purple Pimpernel' bears large, fragrant blooms in two shades of purple, atop long strong stems. Ideal as a cut flower for a vase indoors, this variety is also superb for…  More Info

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