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Sweet Pea Hanging Baskets

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Sweet Pea 'Sugar n Spice'™

…containers and baskets with its unmissable fragrance. Sweet Pea 'Sugar n Spice' comes in a spectacular colour range, including bicolours. The blooms are produced all along the short stems and from each leaf node, forming a ball of rich colour when planted in hanging baskets. The plants are naturally…  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Bijou Mixed'

This dwarf sweet pea has a compact, bushy habit making it ideal for growing in patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. Sweet Pea 'Bijou Mixed' produces large, deeply fragrant flowers, in a cheery mix of colours with up to up to five blooms per stem. Height and spread: 30cm (12?).  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Patio Mixed' - Kew Collection Seeds

Pea 'Patio Mixed' have all the scent and beauty of their tall, climbing cousins, at just a fraction of their size! This neat little mix of dwarf Sweet Peas, is perfect for filling hanging baskets and patio pots with a froth of perfumed blooms. With their bushy, sprawling habit, these a Sweet Peas  More Info

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