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Rose 'Sweet Honey' (Floribunda Rose)

Rose 'Sweet Honey' is Rose of the Year for 2020. It is a floribunda variety, that produces clusters of honey-coloured flowers, that are mildly scented, all through the summer months. It has good disease resistance and a compact habit, with dark green, glossy foliage. It's a…  More Info

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Scented Winter Shrub Collection

…else is happening in the garden. They will not only give you some much needed floral outdoor decoration, but will also enhance your garden with sweet scents. As a collection they are guaranteed to boost your winter garden, or they can individually enhance whatever display…  More Info

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Gerbera 'Sweet Honey'

Unlike Barberton Daisies of years gone by, Gerbera 'Sweet Honey' is proven to be winter hardy in the UK, so it?ll return every spring. Large golden yellow Gerbera flowers perch upon stiff, leafless stems making them perfect for cut flower arrangements. Blooming reliably from…  More Info

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Gerbera 'Sweet Collection' (Hardy)

…hardy Gerbera Daisies make fabulous patio plants and bring a cheery outlook to sunny sheltered perennial borders. Supplied in 7cm pots.Height and spread: 40cm (16). * Collection comprises:* Gerbera 'Sweet Dreams' - Pink* Gerbera 'Sweet Glow' - Orange-red * Gerbera   More Info

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Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis

The white spidery flowers have a fragrance so heady that it will stop you in your tracks. The sweet, honey scented winter blooms are followed by glossy black berries. This exceptional dwarf evergreen shrub is so versatile it will grow in almost any soil or situation - even…  More Info

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Ipheion 'Mixed'

…by an abundance of star-shaped flowers in spring, which are borne over a longer period than most spring bulbs. The flowers have a delightfully sweet honey fragrance in contrast to the leaves which have an unusual onion scent when crushed. Vigorous and easy to grow,…  More Info

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Sarcococca confusa

Sarcococca confusa, commonly known as Sweet Box or Christmas Box is an easy to grow evergreen shrub that is low maintenance and grows well in shade and partial shade. It has a distinct, pleasant honey like fragrance, with white flowers on the underside of stems full of waxy…  More Info

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Nemesia 'Honey Dark Purple' (Honey Series)

Long flowering and with a sweet honey fragrance, Nemesia 'Honey Dark Purple' is the perfect addition to patio pots and sunny borders. Blooming profusely all summer long, this fantastic new variety puts on a wonderful tricolour show with petals in shades of purple, deep…  More Info

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Abelia x grandiflora 'Sunny Charms'

…a fine addition to sunny borders. Masses of creamy-yellow trumpet shaped blooms with a delicate pink blush are borne at the stems tips, with a sweet honey perfume. From July right through to October, the nectar rich flowers of this hardy shrub attract bees and…  More Info

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Shades of Summer Garden Pack

…plant)* Gerbera 'Sweet Dreams'- Large Gerbera flowers perch upon stiff, leafless stems making them perfect for cut flower arrangements. (1 plant)* Gerbera 'Sweet Glow' - Was awarded third place at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2014. (1 plant)* Gerbera …  More Info

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