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Osteospermum Sennen Sunrise

Osteospermum 'Sennen Sunrise' is a compact variety that is perfect for containers, rockeries and the front of sun-baked borders. The glossy evergreen foliage becomes covered in dazzling daisy blooms throughout summer and into autumn. Pale pink petals with darker pink veins and flushes of white at…  More Info

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Magnolia denudata 'Sunrise Beauty'

…deep magenta-pink flair arising from the base and tracing a bold line to the outer tip of each petal. An improvement on Magnolia ‘Sunrise’, ‘Sunrise Beauty’ has an even bolder pink flair, making this a unique and distinctive variety to add to your magnolia collection. Height…  More Info

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Taxus baccata 'Jalako Sunrise'

…‘Jalako Sunrise’ emerges bright yellow-green providing a glowing evergreen backdrop to the garden landscape. The colour is especially intense in spring, but unlike other varieties, it remains a striking yellow-gold all year round. Taxus baccata ‘Jalako Sunrise’ is a compact,…  More Info

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Geum 'Double Sunrise'

…clumps of vibrant green foliage over an incredibly long period. From early summer right through until autumn, the sunny blooms of Geum 'Double Sunrise' are borne on slender stems which are ideal for cutting. Grow Geum at the front of perennial borders for a prolific, airy display every year. Height:…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Sunrise'

A striking and colourful deciduous shrub. The rounded foliage of Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Sunrise' is intensely pink in spring, maturing to bright red with a delicate gold margin by summer. A host of tiny spring flowers attract plenty of pollinating insects to the garden, making this a great…  More Info

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Muscari 'Pink Sunrise'

A bright new development among Grape Hyacinths! Muscari ?Pink Sunrise? is a captivating new variety with exquisite pale pink, conical flower heads in spring. Just like their blue cousins, they are reliable and low maintenance, returning year after year in an ever increasing colony. Perfect for…  More Info

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Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise'

Wonderful golden yellow semi-double flowers. Height 45cm. Supplied as plug tray plants.  More Info

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Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Kilimanjaro Sunrise'

…weather turns the leaves to fiery shades of red and orange in a grand finale of long lasting colour. Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Kilimanjaro Sunrise' makes a fabulous and compact specimen shrub for smaller borders and woodland planting schemes. Height: 3m (10?). Spread: 2m (6?, 6). Useful…  More Info

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Muscari Duo

…with the recently introduced pink Grape Hyacinth. Plant them at the front of borders, dotted through rockeries or in patio troughs. They make pretty cut flowers too! Height: 20cm (8). Spread: 20cm (8). * Grape Hyacinth Duo comprises: * 10 x bulbs Muscari ?Pink Sunrise?* 85 x bulbs Muscari armeniacum  More Info

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Summer Grass Trio

…tips, intensifying in colour to take on fiery red hues as the summer progresses into autumn. Height & Spread: 50cm (20”).* Festuca ‘Sunrise’ - Blue-green foliage tipped with copper-orange in autumn, blending beautifully with its late summer display of orange-red flowers. Height…  More Info

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Osteospermum Blush Collection (Hardy)

…daisies from mid summer to mid autumn. Osteospermum Blush Collection (Hardy) comprises the following varieties:* Osteospermum ‘Sennen Sunrise’ - Pale pink petals with darker pink veins and flushes of white at the tips surround a deep indigo-purple centre, which is accentuated by a bright…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Cactus Collection'

…6 varieties:* Dahlia ‘Rip City’ – Cactus type with velvety, deep maroon flowers with a black heart.* Dahlia ‘Tahiti Sunrise’ – Cactus type with a lemon-yellow heart that explodes into shocking pink tips.* Dahlia ‘Felida Solar Flare’ – Semi-cactus…  More Info

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Coreopsis grandiflora 'Golden Joy'

Coreopsis are known for their reliability and their colourful, long-blooming flowers. They are easy to grow, low maintenance and will grow in most soil types and environments. Coreopsis 'Golden Joy' is no exception and as a compact, mounding type, it will look fabulous planted towards the front of…  More Info

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Magnolia 'Sunrise' (Standard)

…schemes. Height: 1.8m (72). Supplied as a bare root plant with 100cm (40) stem. For extra value why not buy our Magnolia 'Sunrise' Patio Collection, including 1 Magnolia 'Sunrise Standard', together with a Patio Planter - a durable pot with brushed metal finish, lattice design and a large saucer,…  More Info

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Heucherella Alabama Sunrise

Offering a stunning colour transition throughout the seasons, Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise' boasts deeply lobed, maple-like leaves that emerge golden in spring before maturing to bright green in summer and taking on a warm coral hue in the autumn. Each leaf is a work of art, with contrasting maroon…  More Info

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Aloe 'Safari Sunrise'

Aloes are a familiar house plant, but now you can enjoy Aloe 'Safari Sunrise' outdoors too. This spiky evergreen perennial is ideal for planting in a pot on a sunny patio, or adding to a rockery display. The succulent foliage forms a dense, rounded clump which is decorated with upright flower spikes…  More Info

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Tomato Bumble Bee Collection

…with pink.* Tomato ?Artisan Purple Bumble Bee? - Deep red fruits striped in purple-green with a traditional, rich tomato flavour.* Tomato ?Artisan Sunrise Bumble Bee? - Golden fruits marbled with red, deliver a sweet fruity flavour. Companion planting: Try growing tomatoes with French marigolds to…  More Info

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Wallflower Collection

…(18). Spread: 30cm (12).* Collection comprises:* Erysimum ?Gogh?s Gold? - Canary yellow maturing to peachy pink.* Erysimum ?Monet?s Moment? - Orange-red aging to mauve pink.* Erysimum ?Desert Island? - Citrus lemon blooms.* Erysimum ? Early Sunrise? - Sunshine yellow flowers maturing to deep pink.  More Info

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