Summer Paradise

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Alstroemeria 'Times Valley' (Summer Paradise Series)

…to -15C (5F)! Bred as part of the Summer Paradise Series, this showy perennial has a neat, compact habit that will happily fit at the front of borders, or fill a container on the patio. Like all Alstroemeria, the blooms make fabulous cut flowers for summer  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Valley' Collection (Summer Paradise Series)

…flowers are borne in abundance, the whole summer long. From the Summer Paradise Series, these reliable Alstroemeria are extremely compact with superb hardiness. Enjoy a full season of exotic blooms in borders and containers on the patio, as well as summer  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Spring Valley' (Summer Paradise Series)

…with contrasting, bright red markings that make an eye-catching display. This hard working Peruvian Lily produces masses of flowers throughout the summer ? perfect for those cut flower bouquets! Plant Alstroemeria 'Spring Valley' in patio containers or at the front of…  More Info

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Bird of Paradise Flower

…ribbed foliage makes an attractive foil for their magnificent flowers. Exquisite specimens for the greenhouse and conservatory, or for a bright windowsill indoors. Move them outside during summer for a striking talking point on the patio! Height: 2m (78) Spread: 1m (39) Pot…  More Info

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Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Paradise'

This bushy Potentilla ?Pink Paradise' shrub will be smothered with punchy little pink flowers from late spring and throughout summer. With this long flowering season it is great used in rockeries as well as cottage garden borders. If you are looking for a garden plant that's…  More Info

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Alstroemeria 'Wild Valley'

A new introduction to the super-hardy Summer Paradise Series, Alstroemeria 'Wild Valley' tolerates temperatures down to -15C (5F)! This compact Peruvian Lily reaches just 45cm (18) tall making it perfect for patio pots and the front of sunny borders. Given its compact habit,…  More Info

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Lily 'Joy' Collection

…together 5 exquisite varieties that will turn your patio into a tropical paradise. Despite appearances, they are hardy and easy to grow. Perfect for containers or edging borders. Spare a few stems for an extravagant summer bouquet. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 20cm (8).…  More Info

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