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Raspberry 'Glen Ample' (Summer fruiting)

…red and wont spoil easily. They are perfect for delicious summer deserts, or just washed and eaten fresh from the bush. The canes are thornless, making it a safe choice for families, so kids can help pick the fruit. All of our raspberries have been inspected by…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Glen Prosen' (Summer fruiting)

Raspberry 'Glen Prossen' is a fantastic variety that is suitable for both wetter and drier parts of the UK. It begins to produce fruit in June and continues, until the first frosts in autumn. The canes are spineless, making it safe for children to pick the fruit. The…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Summer Lovers Patio Red' (Patio fruit)

…and dwarf variety of Raspberry is perfect for growing in containers. Reaching just 60cm (24) tall these are perfect for planting in containers on the patio. An Autumn fruiting variety these can be pruned back to ground level each year afer they have fruited.  More Info

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Raspberry 'Yummy'

…growing fresh raspberries on your balcony or patio - with Raspberry 'Yummy' you can do just that! Neat, bushy plants reaching just 45cm (18) tall, produces delicious fruits on virtually thornless stems. These productive little plants will crop in early   More Info

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Raspberry 'Summer Lovers Late'

Enjoy freshly picked raspberries from your patio or balcony with Raspberry 'Summer Lovers Late'. Years of breeding have created this productive dwarf variety which is perfectly suited to patio pots. The dark red fruits have a delicious fresh flavour that makes…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Full Season Collection'

…Collection comprises: Raspberry 'Glen Prosen' (Summer fruiting) - Summer fruiting cultivar with medium-large sized fruit, which is firm and with excellent flavour. Canes are thornless and upright, with moderate vigour. Raspberry  More Info

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Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty'

…the patio! Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? plants have a vigorous, robust growth and the stems bear no thorns so harvesting fruit is much easier too. When grown in pots they can be moved out of the way out of season and then brought onto the patio so that you can have fresh …  More Info

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Raspberry 'Little Sweet Sister'

…dark fruits can be picked from July to September, for a delicious taste of summer, even as the first chills of Autumn can be felt. Raspberry 'Little Sweet Sister' reaches just 90cm (36) tall, making a superb container plant for even the smallest of spaces. As…  More Info

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