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Polianthes tuberosa 'The Pearl'

Spikes of intensely fragrant, waxy white flowers are produced throughout summer, which make captivating cut flowers. Often called the world?s most scented bulb the semi-double, fragrant tuberose flowers of this relatively unknown bulb are carried above…  More Info

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Lily: 'Crystal Tree Lily Cezanne'

…in your garden this summer. The amazing large blooms of Tree Lily 'Cezanne' last twice as long as standard tree lilies. They're pollen free too so they won't stain your clothes like other varieties. These elegant giants can grow to 8ft tall - perfect for creating a   More Info

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Towering Tree Lily Collection

…huge stems with luxuriant foliage throughout summer, topped with masses of fragrant trumpet blooms. Our Tree Lily ?Collection? includes four dazzling varieties, each with a delicious sweet fragrance. In as little as two or three years, the bulbs will gradually…  More Info

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Anemone nemorosa

…in woodland areas or simply underplanting trees in those challenging shaded spots. Despite their size on supply, these small dormant rhizomes each carry the stored energy to turn into perfect garden starter plants for setting out in spring or summer. Useful links: How to…  More Info

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