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Pea 'Purple Magnolia' (Sugarsnap)

Over 15 years of work by Oregon USA based plant breeder, Dr. Alan Kapuler, has resulted in Pea 'Purple Magnolia? - the first purple-podded sugar snap pea. Pick them before they grow large to enjoy them at their best, they peas also very tasty when immature. These crunchy pods have a good,…  More Info

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Pea 'Opal Creek' (Sugarsnap)

…pale lemon pods of Pea ?Opal Creek? make an attractive feature in the vegetable plot. This eye-catching variety is the first yellow podded sugarsnap pea available to gardeners. The robust plants produce excellent yields of 7-8cm pods with a sweet, fresh pea flavour, which…  More Info

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