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Tree Peony 'Feng Dan Bai' (White Phoenix)

Also known as 'White Phoenix', Tree Peony 'Feng Dan Bai' becomes smothered in large, pure white blooms with striking yellow and burgundy centres in late spring. The simplicity of these crepe-paper blooms are striking as they appear above the attractive, divided foliage. Hardy and long…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Wu Long Peng Sheng'

In 1804, English botanist, Henry Charles Andrews was the first person outside China to describe and validly publish the Tree Peony. The Tree Peony flower is a much loved symbol in Chinese culture and today gardeners around the world enjoy their exotic beauty. They flower in spring and have…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Xue Ta'

Tree Peony 'Xue Ta' is a beautiful white flowered Tree Peony. The flowers are huge, up to 25cm (10) or more in diameter and there can be over a hundred on mature specimens. They are hardy, low maintenance, disease resistant, and flower each spring. Tree Peonies are native to China and are…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Luoyang Hong'

Tree Peonies provide loads of colour to garden borders in spring. They have gorgeous, large flowers measuring up to 25cm (10) in diameter! They can have in excess of a hundred blooms on one mature plant, and will flower every year. Tree Peony 'Luoyang Hong' is a cultivar with deep magenta…  More Info

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