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House Plants Hanging Mixed

…Clusters of tubular orange and green flowers are produced in summer and autumn. Height: 80cm (31in). Spread: 40cm (16in). Dischidia nummularia (String of Nickels) – A pretty succulent with long, tumbling strands threaded with thick, disc-like foliage. Epipremnum aureum…  More Info

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Senecio 'String of Pearls' (House Plant)

…few that look quite like this! Long slender stems are strung with bead-like foliage that cascades downwards, giving it the common name of Senecio 'String of Pearls'. This sensational plant is endlessly fascinating, and makes a superb choice for an indoor hanging basket or a…  More Info

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Senecio 'String of Pearls'

This curious succulent makes an intriguing trailing plant for your home. Senecio 'String of Pearls' has long, thread-like stems with fleshy foliage that resembles glossy, green beads. This drought tolerant house plant is easy to grow and copes well with infrequent waterings ?…  More Info

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Crassula perforata (House plant)

…little succulent has triangular, fleshy leaves carried in upright stacks which gradually become more horizontal as they grow. Commonly known as String of Buttons, this unusual house plant is perfect for a sunny windowsill. Crassula perforata shows surprising tolerance to…  More Info

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String of Hearts (House Plant)

It?s hard to believe that this is a succulent! Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii is better known as String of Hearts for its dainty heart-shaped foliage, which is strung upon delicate thread-like stems. The leaves are silvery, with contrasting green variegation and purple-pink…  More Info

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Lobelia erinus compacta 'String of Pearls'

A well balanced mixture of the brightest colours for a dazzling, long lasting summer display. Lobelia 'String of Pearls' makes a sparkling addition to beds, containers, flower Pouches® and window-boxes, and even looks well placed in the rockery. An easy to grow annual that is…  More Info

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Senecio peregrinus 'String Of Dolphins' hanging pot

This trailing succulent looks perfect cascading from a hanging pot in front of a bright window. Pair it with the rounded leaves of Ceropegia woodii (String of Hearts) for an effective foliage contrast. The long stems of Senecio peregrinus are covered in fleshy leaves which resemble…  More Info

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Senecio 'String of Teardrops' (House Plant)

Senecio ?String of Teardrops? is a stunning trailing succulent. Perfect up high on a shelf to allow the long, trailing steams hang down displaying its green ?teardrops? cascading down catching your eye. As it is a succulent it is drought tolerant and low maintenance so is perfect…  More Info

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Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii grown in a Kokodama (House Plant)

An idea originating from Japan, Kokodama is a trendy way to show off your house plants! Originally made from moss, this contemporary Kokodama is constructed using coco-fibre which supports the roots of the plant and produces a tasteful hanging display for inside your home. Ceropegia…  More Info

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Tropaeolum peregrinum

Pretty climber with lots of yellow flowers in summer, soon covers fences etc. if given some strings to cling to. Nice for the greenhouse too. Flowers summer. Climber  More Info

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Onion 'Keravel Pink' (Spring)

…?Keravel? onions are now almost impossible to find but highly prized by cooks for their uniquely sweet and mild flavour. Don a Breton shirt and a string of your home-grown ?Keravel? onions and embrace the Gallic spirit! Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 15cm (6). Companion planting…  More Info

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Redcurrant 'Rovada'

…variety is a heavy cropper from mid July through August and one plant can produce up to 2'kg (6lb) of fruit in a season. The berries grow in long strings, that are easy to harvest. Redcurrants freeze well, and can be used in pies and jams 'Height and spread: 120cm (47).…  More Info

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