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Strawberry Support Frame

There?s no need to use messy straw around your strawberry plants anymore! Our strawberry plant support frames will raise your crops off the ground to keep them clean and unblemished. Increased air circulation reduces the risk of plant rot and fungal infection, particularly during…  More Info

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Onion 'Ailsa Craig' (Giant/Show Vegetable)

…variety makes a splendid choice for the show bench and is equally good in the kitchen. The quality, large, globe shaped bulbs have a rich, golden, straw coloured skin and an excellent mild flavour. For the largest bulbs, Onion 'Ailsa Craig' can also be sown in modules in…  More Info

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…palmate leaves provide a dense covering on twining stems, followed by large green, cone-like flowers or ?hops? in mid to late summer, which fade to a straw colour. A unique cover for walls, fences or pergolas, hops are herbaceous perennials so will die back over winter and…  More Info

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Scarecrow Double Pack

…life. Both models are mounted on a solid bamboo pole which will flex in the wind, creating the effect of movement whilst the breeze through the straw creates a deterring rustling sound. Designed to last a number of seasons, they should be stored over the winter months to…  More Info

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