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Stocks 'Most Scented Mix'

…the winter sets in! Let the intoxicating fragrance of summer stocks fill your beds, borders and containers from April through to June. Specially chosen for their colourful blooms and sweet, spicy fragrance, Stocks ?Most Scented? are perfect for the front…  More Info

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Most Scented Bumper Pack

Don?t just settle for colour this spring - add some fragrance too! Our 'Most Scented' Bumper Pack will delight your senses with its perfumed, vibrant mix of flowers in every shade imaginable. Plant these robust bedding plants in beds, borders, and patio containers for a…  More Info

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Stock 'Appleblossom'

…one of the most beautiful annuals, T&M have added one of the loveliest of colour combinations and Mother Nature has supplied the fragrance. Perfume, beauty and elegance in pink and white all rolled into one. Invaluable summer bedding plants with dense showy spikes of sweet …  More Info

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Stocks 'Vintage' (Pre-planted Patio Pot)

…planted up and grown on for you - simply place where you?ll most enjoy the vibrant colour over the coming months. Patio pot diameter: 35cm (14in). Vintage Stocks are upright, bushy, early flowering biennials producing gloriously scented flowers in a good colour…  More Info

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Winter Bedding Collection

…blooms on compact plants with a hint of pansy scent and incredible flowering performance. Height and spread: 23cm (9).* Stocks 'Most Scented Mix' - Specially chosen for their colourful blooms and sweet, spicy fragrance, Stocks ?Most   More Info

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Garden Ready Autumn Collection

…winter and spring, whatever the weather. Flowers: Jan-May. Height and spread: 23cm (9).* Polyanthus ‘Most Scented Mix’ – The most fragrant of all Polyanthus, promising a riot of scent and colour even on the dreariest winter days. From…  More Info

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