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Green Houseplant Starter Mix

Green up your home with this easy Houseplant Starter Mix. We have carefully selected some of the easiest to grow houseplants which thrive in a wide range of conditions. Featuring a variety of foliage shapes, textures and colours they?ll create an instant display of calming tropical…  More Info

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Tomato 'Buffalosteak' F1 Hybrid

…red tomatoes which are packed full of flavour and have a lovely firm but juicy texture. Ideal for slicing and using in sandwiches or as a burger topper, or make a tasty starter or side dish by scooping out the middle, stuffing them and roasting them. Height: 1.5-1.8m (5-6?).…  More Info

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Empathy Bulb Starter

Get your flower bulbs off to the best possible start with Empathy Bulb Starter. This bulb treatment can be applied when planting by simply adding the correct quanity to the bottom of each planting hole. Bulb Starter combines valuable mycorrhizal fungi, vermiculite and seaweed…  More Info

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Self-Watering Seed Starter Kit

Ideal for sowing larger seeds such as such as pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, calendula, marigolds and so many more! This self-watering kit contains 35 coir plugs, plastic reservoir tray which will keep the seedlings consistently moist, and a clear plastic lid to maintain a warm atmosphere…  More Info

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Anemone nemorosa

…in woodland areas or simply underplanting trees in those challenging shaded spots. Despite their size on supply, these small dormant rhizomes each carry the stored energy to turn into perfect garden starter plants for setting out in spring or summer. Useful links: How to…  More Info

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Daikon Radish 'Misato Rose Flesh' F1 Hybrid

…flavoursome radishes have a crisp bite and the bicolour makes for decorative slices, ideal in salads and stir fries or as a pretty garnish in starters and side dishes. Height: 45cm (18?). Spread: 30cm (12?). Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible. For more…  More Info

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