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Standard Holly

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Holly 'Golden King' (Standard Tree)

Contrary to its name, Golden King is an outstanding female Holly. A fantastic specimen for year round interest, this handsome shrub bears white flowers in spring and spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. Its toothed evergreen foliage makes a striking impression with glossy green…  More Info

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Holly 'Argentea Marginata'

…year-round interest, Holly 'Argentea Marginata' bears dark green, toothed, evergreen leaves with a striking creamy-white edge. White flowers are borne in late spring followed by an abundance of spherical red berries in winter, which are loved by birds. This handsome standard holly is ideal for…  More Info

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Holly 'Blue Maid' (Standard)

The glossy red berries of this blue Holly are a sure sign that Christmas is approaching! This eye catching evergreen is supplied as a standard tree, making the perfect container plant for framing your front door. As the name suggests, Ilex x meserveae ?Blue Maid? is a female variety. It produces…  More Info

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Holly 'Alaska' (Standard Tree)

…plants are required in order to produce berries. ' 'If the male hollies are too far away from the female hollies, the females cannot produce berries. 'Make sure that the female holly shrubs are within 200 yards (183m) of a male holly shrub such as Ilex aquifolium ?Golden Queen? or 'Silver Queen' to…  More Info

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Ilex 'Little Rascal' (standard)

Bring a finishing touch to porches and doorways with the stately form of Ilex ?Little Rascal? standard. This Japanese Holly cuts a striking figure, supplied as a standard shrub, with a neat head of foliage above a clear stem. With small, dark, evergreen foliage, this hardy shrub makes a superb…  More Info

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