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Garden Grow Shelving Unit

…space to your greenhouse with this shelving unit from Garden Grow. This versatile shelving unit is a perfect storage solution and can be used to stage plant trays, pots or store gardening tools. The free-standing unit is portable and ideal for use in a walk-in or lean-to…  More Info

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Lilac josikaea

Lilac josikaea would make a statement in any garden. This Hungarian Lilac would enjoy the centre stage of your border due to the nice arching habit it will develop. Sweetly fragrant flowers grow on slender stems. Height and spread: 3.5m (11').  More Info

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Bacopa 'Baristo® Snowflake'

…white flowers cascades from your summer baskets, window boxes and patio pots throughout summer. This versatile little annual won?t take centre stage in your display, but it does make a superb filler to plug gaps between other showier annuals. Bacopa 'Baristo® Snowflake'…  More Info

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Pansy 'Can-Can Mixed' F1 Hybrid

…frilly blooms. Layers of ruffled and wavy petals add a new dimension to the ever popular pansy. A fun and frivolous variety that merits centre stage in your garden. Radiant in borders, containers and flower pouches. Height: 15-23cm (6-9in). Culinary note: Some parts of these…  More Info

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Phlox 'Popstars'

Despite their small stature, these star performers have been bred to take centre stage in the garden, bringing the X Factor to your summer borders. Phlox 'Popstars Mixed' is one of the most talked about plants in the growing industry, and is sure to be a talking point among home…  More Info

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Swiss Chard 'Fire Fresh'

…green leaves boast prominent crimson stems that make a superb colour contrast and pleasing flavour. This vibrant vegetable can be harvested at all stages of maturity, giving each plant a long cropping period. With an upright habit and a fast growth rate, Swiss Chard ?Fire…  More Info

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Squash 'Summer Mix' F1 hybrid (Summer)

…produce long, spiny stems bearing plenty of scalloped fruits if harvested regularly. These versatile Patty Pan squash can be picked at different stages depending on how they are to be cooked. Golf ball sized 'Patty Pans' are tender and soft skinned for eating whole and raw.…  More Info

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Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'

…has large conical flowerheads that open in a soft shade of pea green, and turn cream white, then have hints of soft pink. With blooms at different stages of growth, the result is a three toned effect with flowers in all three colours on the bush. As with all hydrangeas, it…  More Info

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Two-tone ceramic pots - White/Rose Gold

Effortlessly chic and contemporary, this stunning white and rose gold pot is simple and will always allow the plant?s vibrancy to take centre stage. Suited to a modern interior it would be ideal in an office or living space.  More Info

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Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa'

…hedges and short walls. Please Note: Occasionally some plants produce pure green foliage, many but not all will develop variegation at a later stage. Culinary note: The peppery flavour of the leaves and colourful flowers will enrich salads and the unripened seeds can used…  More Info

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Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'

…Hazel. The spreading stems are cloaked in unremarkable green foliage in summer, blending gently into the background while other plants take centre stage. With the onset of autumn, this hardy shrub steps into the spotlight, its leaves turning to bright red and yellow. By…  More Info

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Heucherella 'Pink Revolution'

…makes a fine addition to the front of perennial borders, where it will form a low, rounded clump. As the flowers fade, the foliage takes centre stage, with each lobed leaf developing deep burgundy veining as the summer progresses. Heucherella ?Pink Revolution? is a versatile…  More Info

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Sweet Pepper 'Bontempi'

…summers, it makes an excellent choice for UK gardeners. The thick-walled fruits ripen from dark green to bright red, but can be harvested at any stage. This versatile Bell Pepper has a sweet flavour that makes a tasty addition to salads when eaten raw. Alternatively try them…  More Info

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Pest XT Solar Powered Mole Repeller - Twin Pack

…should be placed directly in the problem area. Moles will at first gather and then disperse in all directions. You may find that in the early stages, molehills appear more frequently and even close to the unit. It can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect.…  More Info

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