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Korean Fir

…violet-blue cones that sit upright on evergreen branches. The foliage of Abies koreana is much softer and wider than the needles of our native spruces, giving the tree a full and neatly conical appearance. Although this RHS AGM variety can achieve a significant size with…  More Info

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Picea abies 'Little Gem' (Large Plant)

…This dwarf Norway Spruce is a very slow-growing, evergreen conifer, with dense dark green leaves which form an overall cushion habit. As the new leaves emerge lime-green in spring they make a fabulous contrast to the darker mature leaves. Tough and easy to grow, this little …  More Info

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Work Expert 800W Paint Sprayer

…The 1300ml reservoir can be filled with water, solvent and enamel-based paints, wood sealers, stains and varnishes to suit any job. Use indoors to spruce up old furniture and doors or use outside for fences, decking and furniture. There?s an ergonomic handle and trigger, and…  More Info

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Herb Basil 'Crimson King' (Seeds)

…still performing well in terms of function and flavour. Ocimum basilicum grows vigorously, whether sown in a vegetable bed or on a windowsill, making it a practical way to spruce up salads, garnishes and other culinary creations even with limited garden space. Height: 45cm …  More Info

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