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Brussels Sprout 'Marte' F1 Hybrid

Brussels Sprout 'Marte' is a superb F1 Hybrid, boasting a coveted RHS AGM. From October to Christmas these vigorous plants produce heavy yields of large, rounded sprouts that are well spaced on the stem for easy picking. The tasty buttons have a strong flavour with a…  More Info

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Brussels Sprout 'Crispus' F1 Hybrid

…quality hold the stalk well and in good condition over a long period. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 50cm (20). Companion planting: Try growing Brussels sprouts with Nasturtiums to draw cabbage white butterflies away from your crop, and mint to help deter flea beetles.…  More Info

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Organic Broccoli 'Green Sprouting' (Calabrese)

…nutritious Organic Broccoli 'Green Sprouting' (Calabrese) provides a wonderfully long harvest of flavoursome heads along with a great crop of tender side shoots. Enjoy a fantastic harvest from late summer onwards - pick the side shoots regularly and these generous plants<…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Burbank' F1 Hybrid (White Sprouting)

Strong, vigorous plants produce a high yield of large, creamy-white spears over several weeks from February. Broccoli 'Burbank' is the first British-bred, F1 hybrid, white sprouting broccoli. This tasty, versatile brassica provides an excellent supply of fresh greens at a…  More Info

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Mangave Collection

…rigidly from the base to form a broad, low plant. The foliage is a glowing silvery blue scattered with contrasting dark purple flecks. Height: 25cm (10in). Spread: 50cm (20in).* Mangave ‘Pineapple Express’ – the centre of each rosette sprouts upwards…  More Info

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