Spring Bulb Collection

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Spring Flowering Bulb Collection

…Brodiaea (25 bulbs of each). Plant them amongst perennials for early colour or in borders and patio pots for a bright display. Supplied as bulbs.* Collection includes; * Allium moly - A vigorous little allium bearing dense clusters of star-shaped, golden yellow…  More Info

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Leek 'All Season Collection'

…crop will stand up to winter and summer extremes with little risk of rust, bulbing or bolting. This collection comprises; 'Lincoln', 'Oarsman' and 'Below Zero'. Oarsman bulks out quickly for the earliest summer harvest. Lincoln covers autumn and winter, while Below…  More Info

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Amaryllis Collection

…varieties included in this Amaryllis Collection are sure to brighten up your home from winter to spring. You can decide when you want these beautiful plants to flower ? winter, spring, early summer. Simply keep cool and dry, until you want to plant them.   More Info

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Lily of the Valley 'Duo Collection'

Enjoy an elegant spring time display with this Lily of the Valley 'Duo Collection'. Dainty bells with delicate crimped edges nod from narrow arching stems. Enduring and evocative; their powerful scent is simply unforgettable. Lily of the Valley flowers are also excellent for…  More Info

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