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Garden Snips

These handy pocket sized garden snips are great for cutting flowers for the house or for deadheading your summer annuals.  More Info

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Flower Pouch Grow Kit

…water.* 1 x 100g incredicrop® pack - Works in combination with incredicoir for effective plant feeding and optimum growing through the season.* 1 pair of Garden Snips - Perfect for harvesting bumper bunches of your own cut flowers, taking cuttings or for neat dead…  More Info

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Petunia 'Orchid

…collection for maximum impact!* Small Collection comprises:* 36 x Petunia 'Orchid-Flowered Mixed' mini plug plants* 100g Petunia Fertiliser* A pair of Garden Snips * Large Collection comprises:* 72 x Petunia 'Orchid-Flowered Mixed' mini plug plants* 100g Petunia Fertiliser*…  More Info

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Shades of Summer Garden Pack

…green foliage and dainty blue flowers that make it an attractive addition to borders. (3 plants)* Pennisetum ?Fireworks? ? A popular ornamental grass that adds drama to any border with its deep burgundy foliage. (1 plant)* Garden Snips ? Keep all your plants in trim…  More Info

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Hanging Basket Essentials Kit

…also included, complete with a sachet of Incredibloom;® to keep your plants looks fabulous all summer long. We?ve also thrown in a pair of handy snips to make deadheading quick and easy. The Garden Ready Essentials Kit is the perfect way to brighten up your patio, or…  More Info

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Baby Bio Orchid Drip Feeder

…easy way with Baby Bio's Orchid Drip Feeders. Each drippper contains a 'ready to use' supply of Orchid fertiliser to nourish your plants. Simply snip off the end of the dripper and push the cut into the soil to provide a steady supply of vital nutrients for up to a month.…  More Info

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Carolina Allspice

…Height: 2.5m (8ft). Spread: 3m (10ft). Useful links: How to plant trees and shrubs Culinary information: Produces an edible and delicious spice. Snip off twigs and allow them to dry out in the sun or a low oven, then crush the bark and use like cinnamon. For more details…  More Info

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Polyanthus Success Kit

…our fantastic garden ready range, then once they arrive, they can be added to the hanging baskets.* Petunia Success Kit comprises: * 1 x Pair garden snips* 1 x 750g bag Incredibloom® plant feed* 2 x Garden Grow Hanging Baskets & Liners* 2 x hanging basket brackets* 25…  More Info

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Wooden Herb Gift Set

…that you?ve grown them yourself. The kit includes:* 1x wooden herb planter* 3x peat pots* 3x peat growing plugs* 3x plant markers* 1x garden snips* 1x packet Dill bouquet seeds* 1x packet Parsley champion seeds* 1x pack Rocket eruca sativa seeds The Herbs With this kit you…  More Info

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Chalk Board Herb Gift Set

…you?ve grown them yourself. The kit includes:* 1x wooden herb planter and chalk* 4x peat growing plugs* 4x zinc pots* 4x peat growing pots* 1x garden snips* 1x packet Basil Basilico Genovese seeds* 1x packet Coriander Coriandrum Sativum seeds* 1x packet Garlic Chinese Chives…  More Info

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Thompson & Morgan Gin Garden Gift Set

…from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes:* 1x wooden herb planter* 1x set of chalks* 4x peat growing plugs* 4x zinc pots* 1x garden snips* 4x peat pots* 1x packet of rosemary seeds* 1x packet of basil lemonade seeds* 1x packet of cucumber nimrod seeds* 1x packet…  More Info

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