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Sunflower 'Van Gogh'

Create a masterpece in your own garden! A mix of the very best sunflowers that can be grown together in a small forest of varying heights, each stem producing a bright, sunshine filled sunflower! Loved by butterflies and bee, these traditional customer favourite annual…  More Info

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Jacobi Jayne Ring Pull Seed Small Feeder 2 port

…Pull seed feeder. Constructed from tough polycarbonate and ABS, the feeder features two feeding ports and is perfect for seed mixes, sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. Bird seed mixes are high-quality options that will attract more birds and will keep them coming…  More Info

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Premium Blue Tit Specialist Mix (25.5kg)

…haunts for our lovely little friends. With every visit your blue tit guests can get a helping of split maize, black sunflower seeds, white and red millet, small striped sunflower seed and vegetable oil; a veritable feast if you?re a blue tit! Available in a…  More Info

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All Seasons Bundle

…bird staple, and are packed full of high energy oils. Always offer nuts from a feeder, as this cuts down on the chances of small birds choking on big chunky nuts. Sunflower Hearts Free of husks, they leave little in the way of mess, meaning less risk of unwanted…  More Info

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Niger Seed

…bird feeders across the country. Unlike larger seed mixes, or even straights such as a sunflower hearts, this is a seed that should exclusively be offered in a seed feeder. Its tiny makeup is just too small to put anywhere else. So put up a feeder, fill it with niger…  More Info

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The Essential Feed Triple Bundle

…at this nutty treat. Always make sure you offer peanuts in a mesh feeder, as birds can choke on whole nuts. Sunflower Hearts Invite the right visitors to your garden with these sunflower hearts. De-husked to cut down on mess that pests love, they are an easy to eat…  More Info

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