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Wisteria (Standard)

This stunning wisteria has been trained as a standard so that you can enjoy its classic beauty and fragrance in even a small garden. Pendants of purple blooms hang gracefully from woody anti clockwise twining stems. An enchanting focal point when planted in lawns and borders,…  More Info

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6 x 4 Waltons Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed

Perfect if you have a small garden and need somewhere to securely store everyday garden items, this Waltons 6 x 4 Tongue and Groove Apex Wooden Shed will prove to be a fine investment. The rustic appearance means this timber building is guaranteed to uplift the appearance of your…  More Info

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Ilex 'Little Rascal' (standard)

…touch to porches and doorways with the stately form of Ilex ?Little Rascal? standard. This Japanese Holly cuts a striking figure, supplied as a standard shrub, with a neat head of foliage above a clear stem. With small, dark, evergreen foliage, this hardy shrub…  More Info

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Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' (Patio Standard)

…holding an RHS Award of Garden Merit. Clusters of dainty white flowers appear in spring, followed by small red berries. With regular pruning, Photinia is easily maintained as a patio standard and makes an attractive feature for borders and patio containers all year…  More Info

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Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder'

Standard ice plants make excellent ground cover, providing low-maintenance and continuous flower power. But if you find the blooms a little small, then 'Wheels of Wonder Series' is for you. A marked improvement, this new strain has flowers twice the size and it boasts some…  More Info

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Mulberry 'Charlotte Russe' (Mojo Berry)

…mulberry won RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year award in 2017. Unlike standard mulberry bushes, which can grow very large, Mulberry 'Charlotte Russe' (Mojo Berry) has a compact habit, making it perfect for small and medium sized residential gardens, or even in…  More Info

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6x6 Rocket Playhouse

…Manufactured using 12mm shiplap cladding, this children?s playhouse is built to keep draughts and water out while ensuring minimal heat is lost. A small gap is incorporated around the edges of the door to prevent fingers getting trapped. We make the floor and roof using…  More Info

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Pinus mugo 'Pumilio Group'

…female cones are produced at the tips of the stems. Pinus mugo ?Pumilo Group' requires very little maintenance and is an excellent dwarf conifer for small gardens. Plant the Dwarf Mountain Pine into borders, the centre of rockeries or patio containers, where this evergreen…  More Info

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Salix caprea 'Kilmarnock'

Salix caprea 'Kilmarnock' is a deciduous small tree that is ideal as an architectural specimen wherever you plant it. The weeping form is densely covered in simple, dark green ovate leaves and in spring, before the leaves emerge, large grey catkins with yellow antlers. These are…  More Info

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