Small Fruit Trees

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Patio Fruit Tree Collection

Full of flavour and nutrition but small enough to grow on your balcony or patio. This collection of Dwarf Fruit Trees includes delicious eating apples, pears, cherries or plums that you can pick fresh from the tree as nature intended. These trees produce…  More Info

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Patio Fruit Tree Collection

Full of flavour and nutrition but small enough to grow on your balcony or patio. This collection of Dwarf Fruit Trees includes delicious eating apples, pears and plums that you can pick fresh from the tree as nature intended. These trees produce large   More Info

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Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux'

…was created, and it continues to have great tolerance to colder weather compared to other fig types. The small figs it produces are sweet flavoured, and have a lovely fragrance. The fig tree produces two crops per year, and if protected over winter, the second crop…  More Info

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Lime Tree

tree, you can enjoy the taste of home grown limes for years to come. The citrus fruits may take up to a year to develop, but they are certainly worth the wait - perfect for adding to cold drinks in the summer months! The bunches of fragrant blossom and shiny evergreen…  More Info

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Citrus Tree Collection

…and the yellow/orange fruits will be significantly sweeter than those that are picked bright green. In addition, limes are usually sold as quite a small round fruit as they are far from fully grown. The ripe fruits are much larger. Rest assured, if you…  More Info

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Wooden Barrel Planter

…base. Generously proportioned and highly versatile, this attractive large barrel planter can be filled with flowers, vegetables, fruit, shrubs or small trees for a rustic and characterful addition to any garden or patio. Dimensions (large planter): 55cm (21.5in…  More Info

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Arbutus unedo

…off-white pitcher-shaped flowers and red fruits may be produced simultaneously, creating a fascinating display in autumn. The gnarled, reddish-brown, shredding bark is set off by the small, leathery, dark-green leaves. Arbutus unedo forms a fascinating small   More Info

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Mandarin Citrus Plant

Mandarins produce small very sweet fruits with thin skin which is easy to peel. Citrus trees are ideal feature plants, bringing a touch of Mediterranean style to conservatories and patios. They make excellent, long-lasting, and fragrant gifts. When you give an orange…  More Info

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Calamondin Orange - Citrus (House Plant)

…between a mandarin orange and kumquat producing small edible and ornamental fruits and deliciously orange-scented flowers. Calamondin is one of the easiest citrus to grow, valued as much as for its looks as its culinary use. In Latin countries the fruits of…  More Info

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Fig (Ficus) Brown Turkey Standard

Our Fig 'Brown Turkey' standard trees are supplied with a small head of branches above a straight single stem to create an attractive standard tree that is ideally suited to growing in patio containers. Specially selected for the UK climate, Fig 'Brown Turkey' is fully…  More Info

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Lime 'Caviar Lime'

…be eaten straight off the tree or used to make pickles, marmalades, desserts and as an unusual addition to drinks. Citrus australasica is self-fertile and should be grown in the same way as other citrus fruits. Height: 300cm (10 feet). Spread: 250cm (8 feet). Citrus …  More Info

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Hypericum x dummeri 'Peter Dummer'

…and has small yellow flowers, with orange anthers, between July and September. In autumn red-flushed conical fruits appear, and the foliage has red-hues. It is a very durable plant and will thrive in most conditions, including dry soils, near walls, or beneath large…  More Info

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Euonymus alatus

…that turn spectacular shades of red in autumn. The branchlets of this winged spindle often develop conspicuous corky wings, which are revealed after all the leaves are shed. Flowers are small and green, followed by purplish-red fruits, splitting to reveal orange seeds…  More Info

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Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade'

…bush. A deciduous shrub or small tree, with smooth, olive-green stems. This form was chosen for its particularly prodigious flowering; the rosy-red winged-fruits breaking open to reveal bright-orange seeds along branches made pendulous from the weight of the fruit.…  More Info

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Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla 'Black Beauty' (Large Plant)

…light pink flowers in early summer. Forming a large shrub or small tree, Sambucus nigra f. porphyrophylla 'Black Beauty' is a fantastic addition to mixed borders and works well with any colour scheme! Clusters of black elderberry fruits appear from late summer…  More Info

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Chaenomeles x superba 'Crimson and Gold'

…low growing shrub that flowers in early spring. It produces small red flowers, with golden yellow anthers, on bare branches in early spring before the foliage appears. As the year progresses, the flowers are replaced with yellow fruits, which can be used in preserves.…  More Info

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