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Small Clematis

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Clematis 'Lasurstern'

The mid-blue blooms of Clematis 'Lasurstern' have an exotic-appearance and each flower can measure up to 15cm, making this hardy climber a great show-stopping addition to gardens both large and small. This hardy climber is an early flowering variety, blooming first in May and…  More Info

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Clematis ''toile Violette'

…vigorous Clematis ''toile Violette' relishes scrambling among mature shrubs and trees. Throughout the months of June, July and August it bears a brilliant display of small, rich purple blooms. Each flower of the Clematis ''toile Violette' has a contrasting …  More Info

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Clematis viticella 'Royal Velours'

The flowers of Clematis ?Royal Velours' grow so profusely that they almost smother the deep green foliage. The blooms are small and bell-shaped. They have a delightful rich, reddish-purple hue, with a lovely velvet texture. The Clematis ?Royal Velours' will give you a…  More Info

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Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love'

It's well worth planting this superb clematis to find out just how amazing it looks?and smells! Covered in masses of small purple, delicately scented flowers that look like blossom from July to August, this energetic climber will go on blooming until October! Keeping its…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Dart's Red Lady'

…planted as a lone specimen shrub, within a garden border. This Japanese Barberry cultivar was awarded the Award of Garden Merit, by the RHS, and has small dark burgundy coloured leaves, with contrasting pale yellow flowers in spring. In autumn the leaves turn scarlet red…  More Info

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Rustic White Shuttered Glass Mirror

…such as roses or clematis are planted alongside it. It has a traditional wooden design, painted with a white powdered finish, that helps make it weather resistant. The mirror is real glass and it can help create an illusion of more space, which makes it perfect for a   More Info

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Bumper Bargain Collection

…is filled with colour this summer. Our hand-selected collection is perfect for creating a stunning summer display whether your garden is big or small. Bulk up beds, plug gaps in borders, and fill your patio pots with fabulous colour and long lasting structure. Our Bumper…  More Info

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