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Patio Fruit Tree Collection

Trees includes delicious eating apples, pears, cherries or plums that you can pick fresh from the tree as nature intended. These trees produce large fruits on a dwarf stem making them easy to look after and absolutely perfect for smaller gardens!…  More Info

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Apple 'Pixie' (Organic)

…is greenish-yellow flushed orange red. Yields can be heavy and this apple benefits from thinning to avoid small fruit. More suited to colder, wetter climates than Cox. Pollination group 4. Season of use October to March. Apple rootstocks:* M27 - Extreme dwarf…  More Info

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Clusia rosea 'Princess'

…In its native Caribbean, this robust tropical shrub is a bit of a monster, growing off trees and eventually strangling its host. Fortunately, it won’t do this indoors! But plants are quick growers and small window sill specimens can eventually grow several feet…  More Info

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Quince 'Leskovac' (Patio tree)

…time to cropping once planted: 2 years. Estimated time to best yields: 5 years. Please note: Patio trees are derived from clonal selections for dwarfism which ensures a particularly compact growth habit of around 1m (39) in height. Useful links: How to grow fruit trees  More Info

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Crab Apple 'Comtesse de Paris'

Crab apples are wonderful ornamental trees for small gardens, rewarding with multiple seasons of interest, whilst also serving as excellent pollinators for fruiting apple trees. Crab apple ‘Comtesse de Paris’ is considered to be an…  More Info

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