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Enjoy up to 400% more fruit with this new and exclusive Incredicrop' plant fertiliser offering a simple, controlled release for the most incredible harvest. Incredicrop' is specially formulated to increase fruit and vegetable harvest using a unique double nitrogen technology. The…  More Info

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Tomato Fertiliser

…your Tomato crops with this specially blended, slow release Tomato fertiliser. Application is easy ? simply mix it into the soil when planting out your Tomatoes. Over the rest of the growing season the granules will gradually break down to release all the…  More Info

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Clematis Fertiliser

Get the very best performance from your Clematis plants with this specially blended Clematis fertiliser. This slow release plant feed is so easy to use - simply mix it into the soil when planting. The fertiliser will provide all the essential nutrients that your Clematis will…  More Info

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Incredibloom® Fertiliser

Incredibloom' is supplied as slow release granules that will provide your plants with the correct balance of nutrients as and when they need them. It works incredibly quickly and you will see fantastic results including: up to 4 times more flowers and foliage that is healthy…  More Info

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incredicoir Pot and Basket Grow Kit

…patio basket and containers displays! Our grow kit comprises 20 litres of our innovative incredicoir compost, plus a pack of incredibloom' slow release fertiliser granules. incredicoir is an innovative coir compost - peat free, lightweight and easy to store as a solid…  More Info

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incredibloom® and incredcrop® duo

…and when they need them. The controlled slow release sets new standards in fertiliser quality thanks to its continuous delivery of nitrogen, phosphates and potash throughout the entire growing season of the plant. It acts fast because the controlled release of…  More Info

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