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Sisyrinchium palmifolium 'Canary'

…forms a dense clump over time, reminiscent of Iris, to which it is closely related. Once it begins to flower, there?s really no mistaking Sisyrinchium palmifolium 'Canary' for anything else! The slender stems arch upwards, tipped with sprays of bright yellow, star-shaped flowers. This unusual…  More Info

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Sisyrinchium bellum

A dainty plant for the front of the border, rock gardens or displayed in terracotta pots, Sisyrinchium bellum grows low clumps of evergreen, blue-green leaves which associate well with ornamental grasses. From late spring through early summer, it bears sprays of small, blue flowers with yellow…  More Info

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Sisyrinchium californicum 'Brachypus'

This adaptable plant will grow in the border as well as making a lovely pond marginal. Sisyrinchium californicum ‘Brachypus’ forms low clumps of semi-evergreen, sword-shaped, grey-green leaves. From late spring through early summer, it produces upright stems each topped with star-shaped,…  More Info

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