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Modern Rose Collection

These modern roses are sometimes known as 'centre-spot' roses and boast masses of single open flowers with a central area of contrasting colour. Compact growing they're ideal for patio containers. Every bloom also offers a lovely fragrance, making them ideal for…  More Info

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Rose Playhouse

This Rose playhouse features a spacious play area, perfect for kids to play in the garden. Suitable for domestic use only. The 5ft x 5ft Honeypot Rose Playhouse is a great way to give your kids their own space in the garden and have fun with friends. The Rose is made…  More Info

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Burnet Rose Hedging

…Burnet Rose hedge is the beautiful white blooms in May and June which are followed by shiny purple-black hips which are often appreciated by wildlife. Supplied as 50 - 80cm bareroots (20 - 31) Height: 100cm (39). Spread: 120cm (47). Planting Distance: 50cm (20). (3 plants…  More Info

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Guelder Rose (Hedging)

Guelder Rose (Hedging) is a lovely hedge for cottage gardens, and informal gardens. Although it has rose in its name, the flowerheads that bloom in May and June more resemble Hydrangea flowers. The clusters of snowball flowers, of early summer, are followed by glossy, red…  More Info

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Rose Tower Playhouse

The Rose Tower playhouse is ideal for inspiring your kids to get out in the garden and enjoying active play! Strong, sturdy and safe! Suitable for domestic use only. The Rose Tower Playhouse is a great little garden building for your kids to have fun and enjoy the outdoors!…  More Info

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Rose Tower Playhouse & Slide

…comes with a fun wavy slide and is ideal for giving your little ones a place of their own in the garden! Suitable for domestic use only. The Rose Tower Playhouse with Slide is a great addition to your home, giving your kids their own private garden getaway! The playhouse…  More Info

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Lily 'Roselily' Collection

The Roselily brand of Oriental Lilies are so called for their fully double blooms which boast so many petals that they resemble Roses when they begin to open. These luxuriant Lilies are heavily scented, but completely pollen free, so they?re perfectly safe for cats and won?t stain…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice Rose Ground Cover Collection (Groundcover Rose)

…Spread: 100cm (39). The rose collection will contain at least two different varieties from the following selection: Rose ?Hampshire? - Single scarlet blooms followed by orange hips in autumn. Rose ?Hertfordshire? - Carmine pink flowers with a central…  More Info

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Rose 'Bright as a Button'

…shrub rose* Exceptionally resistant to diseaseRose 'Bright as a Button' is a beautiful shrub rose which has distinctive two-toned flowers. The pale pink single blooms have dark magenta and gold centres and they are attractive to bees and beneficial insects.…  More Info

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Dog Rose Hedging

…hedge, giving welcome colour, these blooms will later develop into bright red rose hips which are enjoyed by wildlife over the winter months. Supplied as 60 - 90cm bareroots (24 - 35) Height: 400cm (157). Spread: 250cm (98). Planting Distance: 50cm (20). (3 plants per metre…  More Info

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Hellebore 'Single Gold Red'

Hellebore ?Single Gold Red' is enchanting with single flowers in two contrasting shades. Also known as the Christmas Rose, it's perfect for winter colour and interest in your borders when planted in the shade beneath trees and shrubs. The pretty, cup-shaped flowers…  More Info

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Strawberry 'Summer Breeze Rose'

…in the vegetable plot ? recent breeding has produced a real beauty! With double blooms in a deep shade of red-pink, Strawberry 'Summer Breeze Rose' will look equally at home among your favourite herbaceous perennials. Ornamental strawberry plants keep their flowers for…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Display' (Hardy)

An RHS AGM hardy fuchsia with an upright bushy habit and delicate single flowers produced freely throughout summer. The vibrant, deep pink sepals recurve slightly to reveal a single layer of delicate rose-pink petals. Fuchsia ?Display? is perfect for borders and patio…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Totally Tangerine'

…Tangerine' is a recent introduction that is rapidly gaining popularity ? it?s easy to see why! The ruffled centres are surrounded by a collar of single petals in a most unusual shade of orange-pink. The underside of each petal is deep rose-ink, creating a pleasing contrast.…  More Info

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Geranium 'Jackpot Mixed' F1 Hybrid

…enough vigour to ensure a spectacular, free flowering display throughout summer. Geranium 'Jackpot Mixed' F1 Hybrid produce masses of colourful single blooms on neat compact plants. Perfect for filling beds, borders and patio containers. Height: 40cm (16). Spread: 35cm (14).…  More Info

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Fast Growing Hedging Collection

…privacy and security, as well as plenty of seasonal interest. The spring catkins of Pussy Willow are followed by the summer blooms of the Ramanas Rose, and the glossy fruits of the Elderberry. Common Privet and Golden Privet, provide evergreen colour that lasts all year…  More Info

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Wildlife Hedging Collection

…a valuable haven for wildlife. Wildlife hedging offers food, shelter and cover from predators for a multitude of garden visitors. Elderberry, Dog Rose, Crab Apple and Wild Cherry all produce nectar rich flowers which attract insects. The blooms are followed by colourful…  More Info

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