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Clematis 'Blue Explosion'

…burst into flower in May with big, semi-double blooms appearing on last year's growth. These will brighten up your garden in early summer until about the end of June?but wait for it! It flowers AGAIN, producing 100s more blooms from July through to September on new…  More Info

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Meconopsis 'Union Jack' Collection

…early summer. Pure white, silky petals surround golden yellow stamens to form clear, single blooms up to 10cm (4) across. This captivating short-lived perennial is 99% true to type; very occasionally the odd blue flower may appear. Height: 90cm (35). Spread: 50cm (20)…  More Info

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Magnolia Patio Collection

…which only needs a single feed for a continuous controlled release of nutrients for your magnolias for the whole year! Culinary note: The young flowers, once separated, can be pickled and then used either on their own as a treat or in salads. For more details about…  More Info

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Spring Bulbs In The Green Collection

…Collection features Single Snowdrops, Double Snowdrops, Bluebells and Aconites. These native bulb species can be used to create a mass of colour in your lawn or under trees. The top quality, long-lasting bulbs are delivered in spring either during or after flowering,  More Info

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Clematis Trio

…Alternatively, they can be planted in three obelisk planters and placed on a patio or decking space, to add some colour. The large blooms emerge single in early summer but become increasingly more double as the season progresses. * Clematis Trio comprises: * 1 x Clematis…  More Info

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6 x 6 Waltons Evesham Wooden Greenhouse

The 6 x 6 Waltons Evesham Wooden Greenhouse is great for those wishing to get out in their garden and grow their own fruit, veg, or flowers! This robust timber greenhouse is perfect for beginners and more experienced gardeners alike, offering plenty of room for staging and a potting…  More Info

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Garden Grow Compact Greenhouse 4x2ft

Grow a variety of flowers, plants and vegetables and keep them all away from garden pests with this compact greenhouse from Garden Grow, great for those with smaller gardens who don?t want the upkeep of a large greenhouse. Constructed with an aluminium frame and featuring…  More Info

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Garden Ready Summer Saver Duo

…weather tolerant, F1 hybrid pelargoniums have more than enough vigour to ensure a spectacular, free flowering display throughout summer. Geranium 'Jackpot Mixed' produce masses of colourful single blooms on neat compact plants. Perfect for filling beds, borders and…  More Info

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Rudbeckia 'All Sorts Mixed'

…rudbeckias! This mix includes doubles, singles and quilled types, and in a range of colours from red to gold. They will make an attractive addition to your beds, borders and patio containers and all have excellent garden performance. They are superb as cut flowers too…  More Info

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Clematis 'Innocent Glance'

…and gently fade to pale pink as they mature. Exquisite, fully double flowers each measuring up to 15cm (6) across are produced from late spring to mid-summer. Later in the season, a second flush of blooms appear - this time single, but equally beautiful. Height: 250cm…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Lambada' on Trellis

…links: How to grow fuchsias  Culinary note: Add the beautiful coloured flowers to salads, crystallise them for a sweet garnish or add them to jellies for an extra splash of colour. For more details about edible flowers click here. Plant height and spread is…  More Info

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