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Silene 'Starburst' (Seeds)

Enjoy the star-like, brilliant red flowers year after year. These delicate perennials are tougher than they look and will keep flowering for a long period.  More Info

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Silene colorata 'Pink Pirouette'

Liven up your summer bedding displays with this unusual annual. Silene colorata 'Pink Pirouette' boasts pretty, pale pink flowers with spoon-shaped petals. Flowers are borne in profusion throughout summer, attracting pollinating insects to its rich nectar. With a spreading, almost trailing habit,…  More Info

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Silene caroliniana 'Hot Pink'

Brighten up your rockery with the vivid pink blooms of Silene caroliniana 'Hot Pink'! Known as Sticky Catchfly or Wild Pink in its native home of North America, where this low, clump-forming perennial thrives on the well-drained soils of rocky outcrops. The nectar rich flowers are borne in profusion…  More Info

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Silene alpestris 'Starry Dreams'

Perfect for rock gardens, walls, containers or the front of a well-drained border, Silene ‘Starry Dreams’ produces a profusion of delicate star-shaped white flowers from July to October. This elegant hardy perennial forms low, compact clumps of evergreen foliage from which flowers are…  More Info

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Silene laciniata 'Jack Flash'

Wow! What a stunning perennial! Easy to grow and sure to catch some admiring glances. Attractive bright red, starburst blooms borne on slender stems. Goes on flowering over a very long period.  More Info

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Silene pendula 'Peach Blossom'

A charming, but exquisite stunner for the spring or summer garden. Its habit is branching so it reaches only 4-6in in height yet cascades or spreads for 12in Descriptively it's one mass of 'in double blooms, Uniquely the blooms have no consistent colour. The buds are deep pink opening to salmon and…  More Info

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Lychnis Alpina

A lovely addition to rockeries, alpine troughs and stone walls, Lychnis alpina is a charming compact perennial. Rounded clusters of rose-pink flowers are produced in spring above a clump of narrow greyish-green foliage. This hardy alpine catchfly tolerates poor sandy soils and though not…  More Info

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Flower Garden 'Annual and Perennial Mix'

…will spring to action by April, producing blooms through to July. The first colours to appear are the Siberian wallflower and Californian poppy. Silene then adds a touch of pink and forget-me-nots later add a touch of blue, finishing with the warmer tones of coreopsis, dianthus, delphiniums,…  More Info

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