Shade Loving Perennials

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Foxglove 'Dalmation Mixed'

…are a classic plant of the 'English Country Garden' and loved for their high towers of cone shaped flowers, that look spectacular in garden borders. Foxglove 'Dalmatian Mixed' are hardy perennials and grow well in full sun, or partial shade, flowering between…  More Info

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Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue'

A glamorous hardy perennial for a damp, lightly shaded spot. The blooms of Corydalis flexuosa 'Porcelain Blue are the most extraordinary shade of blue, appearing in spring and again in autumn. The flowers attract pollinating insects, making this a lovely choice…  More Info

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Clematis 'Guernsey Cream'

Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' is known and loved for its large creamy flowers measuring up to 12cm across, with their contrasting yellow stamens and a pale green stripe. This hardy perennial looks wonderful when climbing up a trellis or support, backed by dark green foliage for…  More Info

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Hosta 'First Frost'

…this Plantain Lily produces dense mounds of blue-green foliage with creamy-white margins. Tubular pale lavender flowers appear throughout July, adding further interest to this hardy perennial. A lovely addition to shaded borders and woodland gardens alike.…  More Info

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Mimulus 'Calypso' F1 Hybrid

Mimulus 'Calypso' F1 Hybrid is a fabulous moisture loving plant with blooms in shades of red and cream. Perfect in both sun or part shade, they are ideal for growing in borders, pots and baskets. Useful Links: How to sow small seeds Reasons to buy your seeds from…  More Info

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Meconopsis napaulensis

…will bring the deep red hues to your display, sitting atop tall stems and flowering from late spring through to early summer. This unusual shade on a himilayan poppy is well worth trying for and we are positive that you will love it once you?ve seen it. Height: 150cm …  More Info

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Hosta 'Giant Leaved Mix'

…showy foliage, that will create an unforgettable display. With a dense, clump forming habit, these hardy perennials will spread to create superb ground cover for those challenging shaded areas of the garden. Ideal for the front of borders or planting into patio…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Giant Marbled Collection'

…They also look effective trailing over walls and in rockeries. The delightful half-hardy perennials provide a unique combination of marbled colours from June to October. When grown in sunlight or partial shade and watered regularly, these plants will soon grow into…  More Info

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Foxglove 'Dalmation Purple'

…biennial has a uniform, well-branched habit for a bountiful supply of flowering stems. These versatile Digitalis grow well in either sun or shade and make a lovely addition to cottage gardens borders, woodland gardens or wildlife gardens where they attract many…  More Info

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Meconopsis 'Union Jack' Collection

…collection of these wonderful perennial poppy plants for you for a striking display in your summer border: Meconopsis napaulensis will bring the deep red hues to your display, sitting atop tall stems and flowering from late spring through to early summer. This unusual   More Info

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Dahlia 'Cornel Duo'

This lovely collection, Dahlia ?Cornel Duo? are must have plants for a bold tropical feeling hot border. They would be a welcome addition to any Dahlia border or as focal point planting adding a splash of colour. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 45cm (18). Dahlia ?Cornel? Duo comprises: *…  More Info

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Astilbe chinensis 'Mojito'

…is both elegant and refined. This hardy perennial enjoys those damp, shaded spots in the garden where many plants struggle to grow. With a free-flowering habit, you can expect early summer blooms that will illuminate shaded borders, creating a lovely  More Info

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Viola 'Frizzle Sizzle Fire Mixed'

…the popular Frizzle Sizzle Series! Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle Fire' bears gently scented blooms with ruffled edges and lovely dark faces at the centre of each flower. Sumptuous shades of blackcurrant and gold will brighten the darkest days of winter and spring. These well…  More Info

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Echinacea purpurea 'Little Magnus'

…this delightful hardy perennial are loved by bees and butterflies and the seeds are favoured by birds, so it introduces great biodiversity into a garden. Echinacea purpurea 'Little Magnus' sits well in a border and likes well-drained soil in sunshine or even in partly…  More Info

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Garden Ready Duo Collection

…plants) If it's colour that you're after, then look no further! The fully double flowers of Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed' come in a boisterous range of shades, that jostle for attention containers, beds and borders. Upgrade your collection to feature two more exciting varieties;*…  More Info

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