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Shade Loving Evergreens

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Rhododendron 'Summer Blues Collection'

Three delightful dwarf evergreen Rhododendrons that will suit even the smallest gardens. These compact hardy shrubs are perfect for growing in patio containers, or planting at the front of borders and rockeries. Flowering in spring, in three lovely shades of mauve,…  More Info

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Leucothoe 'Scarletta'

…Leucothoe ?Scarletta'. It's a richly coloured evergreen shrub with leaves, which start life as rich burgundy, evolving into a lovely green. As autumn arrives they change again into a mature bronze. Leucothoe ?Scarletta' thrives in deep or partial shade. In full…  More Info

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Thuja occidentalis 'Mirjam'

…adds structure to the garden all year round. Its golden foliage takes on shades of burnt orange, bronze and green during the winter months when there is little other colour in the garden. This compact evergreen is a lovely specimen for the rockery or patio…  More Info

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Rhododendron 'Bloombux®'

…to a neutral pH7. These compact hardy shrubs form a neat mound of glossy evergreen foliage, decorated with showy clusters of pale pink blooms in early summer. The blooms attract pollinating insects, making this a lovely choice for a wildlife planting scheme. This…  More Info

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Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia'

…small white fragrant flowers provide food for bees in April. Dark, cherry-like fruits that are also loved by wildlife follow in summer, turning from red to black as they ripen. Growing well in dry shade as well as full sun, this plant requires little maintenance, and…  More Info

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Pyracantha 'Orange Glow'

This tough and resilient evergreen shrub is perfect for adding year round interest and colour to your garden. The dark glossy foliage of Pyracantha ?Orange Glow? makes a lovely backdrop for its lightly fragrant, small white flowers in late spring. By Autumn this RHS AGM…  More Info

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Hedera hibernica (Large Plant)

…also known as Atlantic or Irish Ivy, is a fast-growing, easy to care for, versatile climbing shrub. Its glossy green evergreen leaves grow all year round in both light or shade, while its aerial roots mean it can climb up walls, fences, sheds and trees. It can also be…  More Info

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Fatsia japonica

…formed in summer are popular with pollinating insects, and followed by black seedpods by autumn. An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, Fatsia Japonica is happy in sun or shade, and loves fertile and moist, well-drained soil. Height and spread: 2.5m (8.2'). Please note:…  More Info

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