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Apple & Pear Duo

…variety of apple and pear. If you only have room for one tree then make sure that a neighbour has a tree close by that can act as a suitable pollinator. Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years. Estimated time to best yields: 5 years. Useful links: How…  More Info

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Apple Appletini

…tiny, golf-ball sized apples. The fruits have purple skins that ripen to glossy, rosy red with a lovely sweet flavour. These bite-sized fruits have plenty of appeal for kids? lunch boxes and make excellent toffee apples too. Fruits can be harvested from August to…  More Info

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Apple (Britain's Favourites Collection)

…Collection comprises 1 tree each of: Apple 'Braeburn' - This well known dessert variety has a great taste, and is easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and stores very well. Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - Traditional British cooking apple, that…  More Info

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Quince 'Vranja' (patio)

This attractive tree has beautiful rounded silver leaves and pretty green-pink flowers in spring. followed by large, fragrant, pear shaped fruits that ripen to a lovely shade of yellow. The fruits can be harvested from October. Freshly picked quinces are bitter and inedible, but…  More Info

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